psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  An Orgone - Generator

An Orgone - Generator
with a pyramid

Sometime ago I was hearing voices of people talking to me in my head that no one around me could hear as well as being harassed by agents of the illuminati cabal (gang stalking).

Here is what I did to counter this; I built an Orgone - Generator with a pyramid shape and with the same ratios as the Giza pyramids and I keep that Orgone - Generator pyramid under the pillow before I go to sleep. Now I almost hear no voices now.

If you do not know what Orgone is, Orgone is the name of the energy discovered by Wilhelm Reich which is identical to what the Chinese call Chi energy.

An Orgone - Generator will transmute the negative energies that are being directed to the targeted individual and convert it to positive. An Orgone - Generator will also disperse Chemtrails in the surrounding area. Putting Orgone - Generators in the water may increase its efficiency. Check the videos below for instructions on how to create those devices:

It is important to program the crystal that will be put into the Orgone - Generator by simply holding it in your hands and while focusing on the crystal have the intention of redirecting the energy that is being directed to the individual or neutralizing it. You may want to search the internet for ‘Crystal Programming’.

I believe this is a network of super computers with very advanced artificial intelligence and that explains why the voices the targeted individual hears look very real. I also believe that this network of super computers monitors millions of people around the globe (if not the whole world population).

I think that high powered Orgone - Generators will deactivate the Nano - Technology mind control implants (Smart Dust). I also believe that those nanites are in the air you breathe right now. Moreover, I believe that an individual with balanced chakras will be far more resistant to the mind control signals and it will have far lesser effect than an individual with unbalanced chakras. 


If you want a more powerful device especially if you are being attacked by directed energy weapons, wrap the central crystal that will be put in the Orgone - Generator with a mobius coil (instructions for making a mobius coil are included in the videos above) then connect that mobius coil to a square wave signal generator (you can buy one from Amazon) with a frequency of around 15 Hz.

Very Important Notice

You need to play those audio files from a speaker while the resin is curing and DO NOT LEAVE OUT THIS STEP:

Another Note

If you still hear voices after building it then you will need to build more until the voices are completely gone.

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