psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Serge Shunin

"Our love is stronger than death"! !

In advance planned murder of my dear and beloved husband and the father of two children!!

The German electronic mafia and criminal german doctors brutally killed Serge S. on June 25, 2013 on the 52nd year of life in Büchig bei Karlsruhe.  

Be happy in heaven, our dear and beloved Serge!

You were tormented for a long time of electronic german barbarians and doctors - killers!

We wish you, our dear and beloved Serge, wealth of Lord!!


Many people: relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, decent neighbors, pupils, students keep mourning with us!


Son tells the biography of his father and says him goodbye ...

Our dad had a very short life. He loved his life and wanted to live further. But evil forces are very cruel to him and they ordered to kill him. June 25, 2013, at 15 hours 20 minutes his heart stopped beating. He died suddenly in the arms of my mother and before our eyes.

Dad was born on 21.11.1961, in Russia in a large family. His four sisters were very fond of their brother. Dad grew up obedient child and engaged in sports since childhood. In 1978, he successfully graduated from high school and enrolled at the Institute of sport. After graduating from the Institute, my father served in the Soviet Army. After the Army, he enrolled at the Institute of food industry and also finished it successfully. In 1983, dad met my mother and they were soon married. I was born
In 1984 - and I was named Sergius, after dad's name. Dad worked for many years as a technologist at the sausage factory in Jurga and played in the national team for volleyball. In 1987, was born my younger brother Demetrius in our family and our dad was very proud to have two sons. By the time he was already working on the head of a sausage factory, and my mother taught foreign languages.

Dad loved us and our mother and he was always honest and loyal family man and a very good father. In 1993 our parents moved to Germany for permanent residence and dreamed to be happy in Germany. Dad learned only 6 months German and acquired new technical specialty. He worked 19 years in the automotive industry bei Karlsruhe and was always treated seriously in his work . So he always enjoyed recognition and respect from superiors and colleagues. My parents have lived 30 years together in harmony and love.
But they were not able to celebrate their 30th anniversary because of father's death.

German state criminals destroy
our daddy with the electronic equipment during 6 months. They destroyed his spine completely and burned of inner layer of skin. The state criminals induced him terrible inhuman pains. He was deprived of sleep completely. He had not slept 24 hours a day. His exhausted and just brutally murdered. His doctor Jurgen Bart - killer prescribed him a horse doses of morphine with drug for insomnia and thus aggravated his condition and hastened his death !


Our dad was very strong, decent and honest man. He had many good friends and was able to understand people well.
Our pain and our suffering to convey in words is simply impossible!

We let you to go our dear and beloved dad with God and with love!

Thank you dear dad, for a good education, for your love to us and for your fatherly care.

For us, you'll stay alive forever !

Dear Svetlana,

All my thoughts of condolences to you on your husband’s death!  

Remember, man is a mind, not a body, so your thoughts WILL reach his light body and he sees you and your family from another dimension and will follow your life trying to help in any way possible. The loss of physical presence of your husband is hard but remember you can send your thoughts and he will receive them. He is also of course present in his own funeral as a light body which sometimes can be felt as vibration next to you. A big hug to you Svetlana-our fight goes on for a better world here! I have tried earlier to email you to different addresses; all blocked for me-hopefully this goes through.   

Love and light  

Rauni Kilde   


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