psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Gloria Naylor dead

Gloria Naylor dead:

Women of Brewster Place author dies at 66

... Naylor died Wednesday in the Virgin Islands from a heart attack, ...

Hier ein Interview bei Greg Szymanski aus 2006 in Englisch:

Greg's first hour guest, Gloria Naylor, is considered one of the leading African-American writers of our time. She has written for theatre, film, and television and is the author of six novels including "The Women Of Brewster Place" which won the National Book Award in 1983 and was later turned into an ABC television mini-series by Oprah Winfrey. Her books have been translated into twelve languages and are taught on college campuses throughout the world. But in her latest book, "1996" by Third World Press she details the horrors of a year in which she first became a target of government surveillance, psychological warfare, and ultimately electronic mind control."

In the second hour, Greg talked with Annie Earl, a licensed Clinical Social Worker who is also a Board Certified Diplomat in her area of expertise. She has had a distinguished 25 year career treating patients with standard clinical psychotherapy as an independent practitioner. She is licenced in the state of North Carolina. During the course of her career, she became aware that many of her patients did not fit into any psychiatric profiles as described in the DSM III and IV, which is the bible of psychiatric diagnoses . Through extensive professional research, she came to the disturbing reality that these patients were actually the victims of a covert government program of mind control and behavior modification. This program is known as MK ULTRA. ...


"The Mother Of All Black Ops": Author Gloria Naylor Corroborates The NSA's Brain Fingerprinting/Remote Neural Monitoring Of Americans

The Chronicles of A Life Long Targeted Individual: GLORIA NAYLOR: Targeted Individual

Gloria Naylor « Gang Stalking World

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