psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Pastor Häublein

The German Pastor Carsten Häublein died

Dear friends and relatives,

The sad message came again: The German Pastor Carsten Häublein (born in 1957) died against his will!!

It was under tragic circumstances. He couldn't have taken out more tortures by high frequencies in his house; therefore he was compelled to commit suicide!

We feel helpless, and we are shocked by this awful event. Our reason doesn't allow us even to imagine for an instant everything that was necessary until the last minutes and seconds of torture of Pastor Häublein.

It is very difficult to pick up words of deep sympathy and to express human condolences warmly enough.  As in the summer of 2006 high-frequency aerials in the city of Oberammergau were converted, he suffered infernal tortures and pains and looked for shelters in various places and vicinities. He also often had to sleep in the wood district. (The press reported in due time in detail about the difficult situation of many inhabitants in Oberammergau city).

In April, 2009 after a long search there was at last a place accepted for life in Schleswig-Holstein for pastor Häublein.

For Pastor Carsten Häublein it was the last card of hope: to live at last in a small house in Schleswig-Holstein without difficulties and torture. "Happiness" did not last long: Since July, 2012 the state of health of the pastor dramatically worsened, after the fourth generation of mobile communication was placed in operation. The intolerable situation was there again - and we couldn't help him in this difficult situation!

Feeling powerless and thinking nobody would help him, he complained about roaring and hissing sensations in the head. He was then disappointed with all and everything completely!

He was captured by destroying feelings, as all his body constantly vibrated from radiation, with no escape.

We tried to organize the protection and shielding, but all these actions were absolutely unsuccessful. Being in a constant desperation and being exposed to terrifying tortures he finally chose this way for himself to get rid of torments and electronic tortures forever. He needed such courage to make this act of despair!

And in what despair should be a person who  had a desire to survive to the last minute and which still hoped for rescue and the end of her tortures???

We are authorized to declare the following: We had to question and whether it is necessary to extend this news everywhere, namely that he was a pastor of evangelic church and made this act of despair.

Is there a serious danger for the people who are in similar situations of despair that they will follow his example when they find this message in a network???

Such acts of despair shock and shake members of the family, friends and neighbors, whereas responsible politicians and officials who stand up for these devil crimes and who bear full responsibility for these crimes, sufferings don't exist!

The people don't exist for them, but only profit on experiments with people's exit for them!

Their experimental acts will proceed until they appear in similar situations and when they are in full despair!!

Pastor Carsten Häublein died against his will. He had no other choice and it was the unique way to get rid of intolerable electronic tortures!!

  With deep grief in heart Werner Funk und Suzanne Sohmer

 And many other citizens of Germany


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