psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  P. Kutza

Radiation Damage

Peter Kutza


ISBN: 3844858415, 9783844858419

These books prove that intense exposure to radiation, by deliberate use of electro-magnetic waves subsequently results in extensive health damage. The outcome is comprehensible as personal documentation reveals. The author, Peter Kutza, provides a precedent case of his own damaged health. Since 2002 he has used a broadband 100 kHz-3 GHz feld-strength-detector, which can detect the total encumbrance of the body. His device has been checked by the Messtrupp Reg TP Landshut.

An increased field strength of electro-magnetic waves of various frequencies and their subsequent health damage effects have been widely confirmed and documented in specialized literature. The impact of EMF on the body (electro-magnetic stimuli) is produced according to the intensity and duration of stress caused by radiation. This will strain the central nervous system and subsequently be transmitted to other organs of the body. The stress-syndrome “Electro-Sensitivity” has long been widely proved and documented. These books contains evidence of the key complaints resulting from the increasing burden of electro-magnetic torture with subsequent grievous bodily harm..

Publisher: Books On Demand, 2010

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