psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  H. Gehring

Extract from the book „Mental Slavery“

by Heiner Gehring

Versklavte Gehirne. Bewusstseinskontrolle und Verhaltensbeeinflussung

Kopp Verlag

Several years from now a whole new complex of weapons for combat will be introduced. Some of them are partially active but harmless, however, they do interfere with biological processes in the human body. These weapons, will enable our troops, to check the enemy without having a great deal of losses themselves...  

This means of combat covers the ability of use for acoustic power-fields, optical power-fields and electro-magnetic-fields or a combination of all three……….they can cause dysfunction of the body muscles, preventing movement; induce emotional or aggressive feelings and alteration of opinions; have influence on the short and long-term memory.  They will be able to create new experiences or remove previous experiences from the brain. (US Air Force Advisory Board). 

Scientific research took corresponding measures and established knowledge for the services, allowing them the means to influence human behaviour. They also permit the ability to observe and are useful for interrogation-practice (excerpt from a study S.I. A of 21 April, 1961). 

Electro-magnetic-fields can be used for dealing with terrorists, crowd-control, allowing protection of military institutions, devices, etc. and anti-personal technology assisting tactical waging of war.  In every case it is possible to use electro-magnetic-weapons, in order to induce psychological disturbances, thus having influence on perceptibility and causing disorientation.  Additionally it is possible to deactivate people to the extent that they are unable to defend themselves during combat. The following advantage of electro-magnetic systems lies in the fact that only this type of weapon is able to engulf large territories.  

Because of the numerous parameters of electro-magnetic-fields and their special features, It is possible to completely implement a special effect.  The capability of this variety of weapons allows the user an extraordinary possibilities of disposition in action. Thus, they open up the door for precise action when in combat, whether being conventional or non-conventional weapons (memorandum 1986 of experiments from 1986 by LtCol, D.J. Davis US Airforce). According to recent studies, there are basic algorithms in the human brain.

When these algorithms are stimulated, an alteration of the brain’s specific codes can be performed. The direct influence of these algorithms of the human brain due to the electro-magnetic-power requires an energy level in the region of technical application. The precise knowledge of these electro-magnetic-fields, permits the direct access to almost all complicated neuro-cognitive processes, which are connected to the individual and hence to his consciousness, his habits and his memory (Persinger 1995, report “about the possibility of direct access to every human brain, by means of inducing basic electro-magnetic algorithms”).

Svetlana Shunin and Valdemar Lotz

 “Association against the Abuse of Psychophysical Weapons e.V."

 contacts: s-schunin@t-online, wlotz



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