psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  The Moscow Committee

Russian Psychotronics Human Rights Group


The Moscow Committee for Ecological Dwellings: against psychotronic violence (Russian Federation) appeals to the World Community with a request for the conducting of an international investigation into the genocide of the people of Russia, into the facts about the large-scale application of psychotronic (psycho-physical) weapons against citizens of the Russian Federation. Our organization was created in the year 1990 for the purpose of attracting the attention of the general public and that of the government toward the problem of psychotronic terrorism and for assisting citizens in protecting their legitimate rights and freedoms -in particular, the right to reside in safety in ones own dwelling. The Committee is registered with the Management of the Justice of Moscow 15.08.1994. registration No. 3383. From the data cited in scientific publications, from the mass media and from the numerous complaints by citizens in various instances, it is known that psychotronic weapons are used for the conducting of bio-medical cybernetic experiments, for the control and management, and for the zombification of citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as for military and for repressive purposes. For the improvement of these types of weapons, any category of the population could be secretly chosen as victims, including younger people, children and pregnant women, and there are eliminated by these types of weapons also: scientists, writers, artists, composers, progressive figures --the very color of the nation. The socially active citizens who are exposing the application of psychotronic weapons as a new type of weapon of mass [destruction], are being subjected to particularly severe terrorism. The complete absence of any control of the development and the illegal distribution of these weapons, allow for the structures owning them to apply the entire arsenal of psycho-technological devices, methods and apparatuses for the psycho-physical manipulation of humans, their behavior, their consciousness, their gene-pools --on any person from the President on down to the ordinary citizen. Psychotronic terrorism has transformed the apartments of Russians into torture chambers. For the amplification (strengthening) of the effects of psychotronic influences, with the application of electromagnetic (in these cases, laser, CVCh., MICROWAVE, x-ray), torsional, leptonic, gravitational, as well as acoustic, infra-sonic and ultra-sonic effects, psychotropic and narcotic preparations, gases and various chemical substances and others, are also used. At the same time, methods of retaliatory psychiatry are used against persons who are trying to stop the violence and who turn, therefore, to law enforcement agencies In connection with the lack of protection in Russia of citizens on the part of the state, on a given command victims are exposed not only to physical terrorism, but also to moral, economic and genetic terrorism, since the effects of psychotronic method destroy the gene-pool of the people and leads to a total degradation [of it]. Numerous appeals during the course of the last 9 years by the Moscow Committee for Ecological Dwelling to all governmental levels, to the President, to the Administration, to the Governmental Duma, with the demand for an investigation into the available facts on mass experiments -including international -on the citizens of Russia, a genocide of people, and also for the demand to a stop the psychotronic terrorism and to forbid the further development and manufacturing of psychotronic weapons through the establishment of rigid controls on the part of the public and the government regarding scientific activites in this area, -- did not produce any results. Therefore, we are compelled to address the World Community regarding the above stated problem, as similar crimes (mass terrorism, the genocide of a nation) are subject to the jurisdiction of an International Tribunal.

Chairman, MKEZh
Chirkov E.S.
Vice-chairman, MKEZh
Petukhova A.J. 

Moscow committee of ecology of dwelling (MKEZh.): Against psychotronic violence asks for the rendering of financial help for the purchase of office equipment and for the publication of documentary and informational-analytical materials.

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