psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe


FFCHS is continuing to grow! Last weekend we had a terrific conference in the northeast with workshops, speakers, presentations, and great networking. 

Fortunately, the west has not been idle.  Now, here's the great news:  Amy Anderson, a few activists, and myself have just come from a meeting today with the vice-mayor of the city of Richmond, California and the captain of their police force. The police and administration will now be working alongside victims there to assist them in their targeting struggles.  Survivors in that city can officially call the Richmond police dispatch number if/when they come under electronic attack and file a police report!  This may lead to other initiatives which would come as we continue to work with the administration regarding our issues. 

The vice-mayor, police captain and their aides listened patiently to several victims as they recounted their stories in person in the vice-mayor's office and by conference telephone, regarding the activities of covert harassment groups locally and nationwide. Then, stunningly, the police captain revealed that he knew of two people who are also victims of this technology! 

Please note that this arrangement could ONLY have happened by meeting with administration officials first.  People have already met with police department personnel with no results.  Amy started by going directly to the city administration officers, the vice-mayor and council members (in private meetings, not at the public, televised council broadcasts).  

After the vice-mayor became informed and convinced of our issues in several meetings, she then brought the police department personnel into the discussion who at that time also became concerned allies in helping victims deal with a covert community terror program. I believe our most available solution at this time will most likely come locally and from the top down.    

Amy's boyfriend, who runs a security guard business, has offered to establish a task force to help TI's in Richmond and the police captain has pledged the assistance of the city of Richmond police department in this effort.  The captain further states that he is willing to work with medical personnel in the area informing them of this type of covert criminal activity.  

The importance of these steps is that it un – co - opts police departments and medical personnel who have traditionally been juxtaposed against targeted individuals under electromagnetic attack.  TI's in the Richmond area will soon be able to seek much-needed assistance from their local police or hospital emergency rooms as situations occur.  

We are hoping to get more communities of TI's involved in organizing locally to get a handle on their stalking and electronic harassment scenarios. We will be addressing this new development as well as identifying other regional conference locations at this Saturday night's call. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014;

Time: 9 pm EST/ 8 pm Central/ 7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific/ 3 am CEST

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