psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Internet terrorists

How Internet terror is conducted by the radiation mafia, stalkers and the secret services in Germany

The secret services and the radiation mafia switch immoral blogs and web pages on the Internet. They also rent out places at known web pages or at web pages of the media to have a better platform for their criminal activities! Such blogs are created to discredit certain victims or the organizations which uncover the criminals and their enormous crimes which are turned towards the destruction of innocent peaceful citizens in Germany and in the whole world. The Internet terror is conducted by the radiation mafia, stalkers and by the secret services in general.

The administration of those web presences are mostly held by students, any immoral person, clerks of the mass media, medical doctors as neurologists or neighbors of the victims, which get paid by the secret services and the radiation mafia. Such crimes on the Internet are staged by these criminals in advance to celebrate further intimidations and blackmailing of the victims to lead a certain sacrifice into a conflict and create the open scandal by such dirty provocation. The criminals of course remain anonymous and use names of dead citizens for the terror on the Internet. They are doing everything to get their aspired results of scenarios by different developed in advance inhumane means and methods. These criminal structures have a zero standard of development and education. It is terrible that many women, mothers and young girls are employed as weapons in these structures. In the Blogs private information, dirty criticism, swearwords and blackmailing is usually used against victims and their families to undermine the dignity of man. This displays the very low and poor vocabulary and mind of secret services and members of the electronic mafia. Later the targeted victim or organization gets informed about the existence of such blogs or web pages by e-mail with encoded information, threats and extortion. Of course this whole theater intends that the victim will immediately be confronted with this dirty information and contacts the owners of the web pages and blogs on the Internet because the personal dignity and honor gets hurt. 

If you aren’t psychologically prepared to such experimentation, serious problems may occur. All this leads to weakening and unpleasant puerility with the Internet perpetrators. Knowing about such disturbances is almost immediately noticed by the perpetrators and they further take the following criminal steps. They set their victims and families under daily psychological pressure, they pursue you everywhere and even engage terror agents to attack the victim in the street.  They publish the dirtiest texts under the victim’s name and practice the reversal of the burden of proof affirming that the victim pursues, accuses and insults them. They write all sorts messaging means in the name of the victim so that it gets discredited completely in the eyes of the society.   

Being ignored by the victim these entities begin to harm the individual wherever it is possible. Trespassing, theft, vandalism in the house or in the apartment, furniture damage etc. Telephone and computer terror begins. In the worst case the telephone connection is switched off completely so that the victim is driven in the narrowness and isolation. The perpetrators send the victim or his family several wrong and increased invoices at the same time. The criminals lacking the success of their actions use the threats and extortions that withdraw the victim’s communication abilities. They steal personal family photos from the computer with the help of Trojans and post them in the name of the family with crazy information on web pages. They publish private pictures on their dirty blogs and web pages and negatively characterize the victim and family. If scandals and discussions haven't arisen on the Internet the criminals find ways to cause not only moral but also material damage through lawyer salaries etc. The criminals also force the victims by permanent extortions and terror to close the web pages and to stop the activities against secret services, the radiation mafia and these. 

It importantly has to be remarked that this dirty and criminal campaigns that psychologically process the victims are carried out by means of mind control techniques. The criminals are able to penetrate human brains and subconscious altering resonance frequencies of the victim’s brain to force the victim to follows orders.  By the latest observation of the methods on the Internet, you can draw the following conclusion: Those criminals terrorize, blackmail, intimidate and threaten the victim and their family, charge them moral and material damage, discredit them in the eyes of society and report unjust dirty accusations. 

Fortunately the criminals uncover and confirm their existence through their criminal activity. The criminals and their accomplices are mentally ill persons that don't understand what they are doing and whom they really work for. To earn dirty money, these mean people sell their honor and conscience. There will be the time the criminals and their accomplices will regret what damage they have conducted to peaceful and innocent citizens what suffers and sadistic torture they caused in the life of their victims. Whether people will forgive and forget these enormous crimes and the dead is difficult to say. There is still the possibility and time for the perpetrators to refrain from this dreadful machine and inhumane “game” the secret services and radiation mafia created.

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