psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Petition against Gangstalking


European Parliament:

Outlaw gang-stalking, community-mobbing

and community-policing 

Why this is important??

Gang-stalking, community-mobbing and community-policing are crimes that are happening quite blatantly around the clock everyday all over Europe. Crimes like these should never be allowed as they rob individuals of their freedom and individuality.

They are attacks on the foundations of humanity and democracy. The truth of the matter is, perpetrators get away with the crimes and behave with impunity because they often have backing from the police and other authorities.

The idea behind these stasi-style methods of harassment is to aggravate victims and elicit reactions which are then exaggerated by the perpetrators in their reports to the police. The victim is then kept behind bars and intimidated or institutionalised and then drugged into silence.

Attempts by victims to report said crimes are met with scorn, incredulity and threats from law enforcement and mental health departments.

For those of you out there who think it will never happen to you or your children, just remember to curb your tongue, mind your individuality and think conformity.

If you care about our humanity and yours, please sign this petition!!!

Created by Gwen. O. from United Kingdom


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