psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Demonstration 2007

Demonstration on the 22nd and 23rd of september 2007 in Berlin
A week ahead we had notified the editorial staff of newspapers and TV stations in Berlin and other cities about the demonstration, but none of them showed up to support us.

The victims met at ten o clock in the morning on the 22nd of September 2007 at the Alexanderplatz of Berlin. But only a few showed up, coming from Berlin, Karlsruhe and the Bodensee. We worked a lot on the first day. We distributed more than 600 information flyers. Many citizens were quite interested in our issue, knew a lot about this sort of crimes and wanted to know what is happening in Germany. Even young people showed a lot of interest in this topic. We could contact as well a few new TI s, victims.

Brandenburger Tor

Many Berliners joined us for a few hours so as to support us and wanted to get to know us personally, had studied our website beforehand. They exclaimed: “ You are profiles in courage, you have the courage to show your conviction”. We even met some politicians, who supported our issue, and said, “ this is a just and good thing, that you do”.

On the second day from 9 o clock in the morning on we informed Berliners and tourists at the Pariserplatz about these crimes perpetrated on us. Our posters and bills influenced the passers-by a lot and again we distributed more than 600 flyers, had many interesting discussions and talks with the citizens of Berlin. They had the opinion, that such horrible crimes can only be fought by protest marches and the unification of all victims. But there were only these few protesters present, much less than expected. Where were the other 180 victims, that had notified police stations in Germany? How do they fight these crimes?

Or do always and only the authentic victims protest? Success can only then be expected, when all the victims do want to do something for themselves and for the future generations !

Or else, we do not stand a chance! The perpetrators tried to hinder several victims during the demonstration and to take them away. Several participants became ill, “by chance”.

On the 11th of September 2007 the activist and victim Peter Helwig was probably killed in his flat. According to the Criminal Code, instigation to suicide counts as well as homicide. He was still young and did not want to live with this brutal torture and permanent irradiation anymore. He had to die at the age of 48 in his flat, after a very tormented and innocent life.

His neighbours and the police kept silence about his death. We searched for him everywhere and have asked about him. Peter had announced to us, that he wanted to participate in the demonstration in Berlin in any case. He had printed all the flyers in Berlin for us and he was in contact with different organisations. The perpetrators wanted to destroy him because he was an activist. According to Peter Helwig, his departure was planned long ago, even before the demonstration., he confided to us. The voices in his head confirmed this his supposition on a daily basis. He was very brave and reasonable at the same time, but wished to fight these criminals of course. We talked to him about the demonstration still on the 10th of September 2007 and he was very pleased, that we wanted to demonstrate together in Berlin. He as well mentioned, that the perpetrators intended to kill him every day and had said so.

Now he can rest in peace finally. We will never forget him. But it must be clear, that we have to deal with very dangerous perpetrators. They kill humans in a most brutal and insidious way. We must all stick together and do everything possible, so as to liberate us from these monstrous crimes.

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