psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Paper by W. Madliger

5th European Symposium on Non-lethal Weapons

May 11-13, 2009

Venue: Stadthalle Ettlingen

organized by Fraunhofer ICT


Paper/ Vortrag

By  Walter Madliger, Switzerland, Andreas Friedberger, Germany.**

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First I want to thank Dr. Klaus-Dieter Thiel and the Symposium Committee for  the invitation  to present this paper on „Electromagnetic weapons and Human Rights“ at the 5th Symposium.                               

1. Foreword and Dedications

A foreword by Dr. Martin Luther King: „ We must be wary of those, who promise us security and ask in return for our freedom. We must recognize, that part of the price for freedom may well be insecurity, but the price for complete security is inhumanity.

This paper is dedicated to Miss Jelena W. Blinnikova-Wjasemskaja. This Russian scientist and expert in military radars and (bio)generators was found dead on the kitchen floor of her apartment in Moscow on August 2007. She had been invited by the European Court of Human Rights as an expert witness. In the year 2000 the physicist had as well conducted a scientific survey in 94 Russian cities about the effects of directed energy  weapons on the population. Shortly before her death she had complained about electromagnetic irradiations directed at her and her apartment with the wavelenghts of 3 to 5 cms and 20 cms and ultrasound waves.This paper is also in memory of  Peter Helwig and  the many other victims. The 48 year old winder and CNC cutter from Berlin as well complained of electromagnetic and acoustic irradiations and  was driven to commit suicide in his apartment in September 2008.        

2. The UDHR and the Nuremberg Code

The United Nations’  Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( UDHR ) commemorated its 60th anniversary. This Magna Charta of all men everywhere is part of the Customary Law and has led to about 80 legally binding international and national treaties all over the world, among them the European Convention of Human Rights ( ECHR ) of 1950, ratified by all member states of the Council of Europe. The IHL, the International Humanitarian Law, was also inspired by the UDHR, the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and its Additional Protocolls of 1977. Whereas the Geneva Conventions have been ratified by 194 nations, not all states have ratified the Additional Protocolls, among them the USA, Israel, Afghanistan, Iran , Iraq .The Directed Energy ( DE ) weapons, mostly EMF and acoustical weapons, act on the psyche and the physis of human beings and all living creatures. They have been called many  names:  Psychophysical weapons, weapons of the information warfare, neurological means, information operation means, psychotronic weapons, means for remote neural monitoring, cognitive weapons, active denial systems,  weapons of electronic warfare, means of neuro-linguistic programming, means for behavior modification, mind invasive weapons, mindcontrol and electronic harassment weapons, means of influence technology, computerized brain washing machines, devices to zombie people, to induce mental and physical illness, means for hostile surveillance,  people zappers, weapons of mass destruction, a.s.o.. According to the ICRC the use of these weapons violates the article 3 of the Geneva Conventions and according to prominent Sir Hugh Beach from London also the article 36 and article 35 paragraph 2 of the 1st Additional Protocoll of 1977, the s.c. Sirus-articles.

The European and United Nations Conventions against torture have been ratified by  every notable state. This new class of weapons had to be tested on unaware ,  not informed humans, who of course did not consent to such experimentation. The Nuremberg Code of Conduct for experimentation with human subjects, is part of the Customary Law and the UDHR. The Code lists ten points, which universally have been adopted after the Nuremberg trials of war criminals by the Nuremberg Military Tribunals. But many national agencies have been tempted by the exceptional features and qualities of the new weapons: They are absolutely silent and invisible, act with the speed of light or sound, leave almost no traces on the biological targets, are able to penetrate almost any obstacle and it proves  diffcult to develop effective shielding , they can be delivered from afar and from hiding-places , can be mingled with only civilian and peaceful uses of electromagnetic technology, represent the  best of total surveillance tools and more. They show all of the characteristics of the  ideal  weapon for any aggressor, but can be almost as useful in defense. 

3. Some effects of  Directed Energy weapons

The lethal and physically very strongly incapacitating effects of these arms are not considered here. Nor their qualifications as weapons of mass destruction.Only the survivors of non-consensual experimentations and the experimenters themselves can tell the audience of these other effects.Whatever the victims individual experiences may have been, they in unison speak of unsupportable, horrific and barbaric tortures by these means. They speak of “ electronic concentration camps and mental slavery “, which disable their mental and physical capabilities and cause a multitude of pains. According to the Russian scientist and politician J.J. Leonov[1] from Moscow, Boris Ratnikov [2],or Timothy. L. Thomas [3],Prof.Dr. M. A.Persinger[4] , Jelena Blinnikova[5] , Prof.Dr. Igor  Smirnov [6],Carole Smith [7] , John McMurtrey [8],[9] or Dr. Robert Becker [10] this „technotronic, electronic delirium“ can be imposed on any human being. All of a sudden someone else is in command in man ` s own reign ,in his mind and his body. This constitutes the biggest breach of privacy imaginable and man is deprived of his most cherished and valuable good: his freedom. No more he can be the master of his own fate – and therefore he is no more responsible for his actions.These cognitive weapons play havoc with all the human senses ( see [11] ,4 – 10 ) and lead them astray: The victims are suffering from voices and sounds in their heads, with closed eyes or in sleep they have to endure artificial pictures or movie-like dreams ( s.c. “vivid dreams” ) or are forced to read endless texts like from  newspapers, they suffer from halluzinations of smells and odors, their taste is altered, they have sensations of being touched. Pains in different parts of the body are common, as well as unwanted sexual arousal and disorientation and vertigo. Sleep deprivation or the induction of instant sleep are also telltale signs of a psychic manipulation. Every muscle of their body can be voluntarily activated, contracted, muscle twitchings or muscle cramps are also regularly reported. The mimicking or cloning of all emotions is one of the preferred activities of the mind manipulators [12]. Memories for specific life periods can be erased and false memories implanted, mostly during sleep. Of course hypnotic or unaccountable subliminally delivered conditions can be produced, symptoms of physical or mental illnesses – there is no limit  for the unethical and coercive behavior of the devilish operators, applied day in day out, year after year, onto the victims.  These operators must be the pride of any Dr. Mengele.The uninformed and the informed psychiatrist of course diagnoses the victim a psychotic or a schizophrenic, who surely will die prematurely in a psychiatric ward. But it is also known, that no man over the age of 40 years ever was diagnosed a psychotic or that a mental illness with the multitude of  the symptoms of a mindcontrol victim was ever diagnosed and the condition medically described.Of course the life of the victims is getting into complete disarray, is sooner or later in shambles, sometimes not worthy  living it. The victims very often lose their jobs and income, family and friends, are becoming socially very conspicious or even homeless and show many legal and health problems.Very often the abuses of the victims are accompanied by housebreakings and carbreakings, but nothing of value is being stolen. And the culprits of all this are not even called to account. Speaking of human dignity: Who will take care of the legal, social and state of health consequences of the victims? In summa, the uses of the new technology  have all what it takes to unleash public outrage,  unrest and upheaval against the governments, if and when the citizens are capaciously and comprehensively informed about the technology and if they know everything about its planned civilian and military uses. The way this perfected torture technology is  now prevalently applied, that is, as encompassing hostile surveillance and coercive behavior modification of citizens, domestic peace will not be furthered. The application of this technology directly opposes all of the most fundamental principles stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the crimes  committed by it, have to be prosecuted by the Criminal Laws. If  the supposed s.c. thought-reading capabiltiy of this technology [13] is being confirmed to the public, this information will contain so much explosive power for our societies, that major changes are bound to occur quite rapidly.

4. Official denials, legislations and secret diplomacy

For years , governments have denied or refused to comment on mindaltering weapons. Winds have changed now a bit and Secret Services are no more denying the existence of this more than 30 year old technology. Nor do this the rectors of Universities and Colleges. Too overhelming is all the evidence for its existence and use. A long time ago nations have established official offices, offices for arms control and disarmament, where the problems created by this technology are being discussed and international solutions are looked for and aspired. Undoubtedly the United Nations have to assume a leading role in this quest, but many of these efforts are still shrouded in secrecy. On the 31st of July 2001 Russia published Paragraph 7 of  point 1 of the article 6 of the “Law on Weapons” [14]. With this act the prohibition of production and circulation of weapons and devices, emitting electromagnetic -, light and heat and acoustical radiations,which injure human beings,was put into force. The official declaration read like this: “For the maintenance of the fundamental orientation of the Russian Federation – the defense of life and health of the citizens and the warranty of public security and safety “.Whatever other reasons may have affected this decision, is of no importance. Soon there followed consequently a draft law of the Criminal Code, where the new facts about the law on weapons were implemented in the article 221 (1-4 ) and the genocide articles 355 and 356 of the Penal Code. In September 2002 a  comment on this draft law was published, where the scientist and author of this draft law, S. J. Voroshilov [15] explained quite extensively the new technology and its qualifications as a weapon of mass destruction. This draft law provides sanctions of up to 20 years of prison. It has been ratified by the State-Duma and signed by President Putin, but has not yet been published.

Bulgaria is said to have the same law on weapons as Russia.

The government of the USA[16] did not wish so explicit a law. Some Federal States were therefore forced to enact in their laws on firearms new standards on electric/electromagnetic weapons. Michigan in 2003, Massachusetts in 2004, Maine in 2005, possibly Missouri and Kansas in 2009, with sanctions up to life imprisonment. The EU also indicted mindaltering technology in its article 27of its Resolution A4-0005/99, Resolution on the Environment, Security and Foreign Policy. The EU with this Resolution was mostly onto the vast Radio installations like HAARP ( High Frequency Active Aurora Research Project ) in Gakona ( Alaska ), EISCAT in Tromsoe ( Norway), and similar plants in Novosibirsk and Krasnojarsk, in Greenland, on Cyprus. They can serve for the same type of influence technology for large areas.[17

5. Some comments and final words

1.Carole Smith, practising psychoanalyst, UK , Journal of Psycho-social Studies, Vol. 3: It is effectively a brutalising training for persecuting others“, “ Left to themselves, these servants of the state may well feel exempt from  the process of  moral self-scrutiny, but the work must be dehumanizing for the predator and the prey“. More alarmingly, governments are leaving their citizens exposed to the deployment of these weapons by ruthless organizations, whose concerns are exactly the opposite of democracy and Human Rights“.

2.Prof. Dr. Peter Phillips et al in “ US Electromag
netic Weapons and Human Rights“, Global Research, July 7, 2008, Sonoma State University, California: “ It is imperative, that the human body and mind be considered sacrosanct. To invade a person s body without their consent, is an egregious Human Rights crime.”

3.Prof. Dr. Dean Radin, professor of advanced communications at the Universities of Princeton, Edinburgh and Nevada : “ Non-ionizing EM radiation definitely does have effects on living systems, from individual cells to human behavior “.

4.Dr. Nick Begich, editor of Earthpulse Flashpoints, author of articles in science, politics and education, expert witness before the EP, director of the Lay Institute of Technology, Texas : “ Without oversight, these weapons will a government to have absolute control. There needs to be a debate in the public sphere, because this technology can be used as a weapons technology or as  a life saving science. If the government tries to hide these facts, we just have a big problem.“

5.Jelena Blinnikova, physicist, in the seminary paper “ The Russian Federation and the European Convention of Human Rights“, Moscow, 2000 : “ Mainly the complaints of the last years are complaints against the terror directed at the personality, realized by the radioelectronic technology. Today, we are the life-endangered victims, tomorrow this will be the fate of you and your children“.

6.Major I. Chernishev, Russian army, in Timothy L.Thomas, Lt.-Col at at the US War College, The Mind has no Firewall, Parameter, Spring 1998, pp. 84-92 : “ It is completely clear, that the state which is first to create such a weapon, will achieve incomparable superiority “.

7.Major-General Boris Ratnikov, Russian army, in Pravda,08.14.2007 Russians have psychotronic weapon to zombie people : “ Generators, that can make people muddleheaded, even when they are distanced at hundreds of kilometers. They can control people s behavior, seriously impair psyche and even drive people to death. People must realize, that the menace of psychic impact upon humans is really immense”.               


Walter Madliger   Andreas Friedberger   

Switzerland               Germany         

The authors all have different professions and adhere to European NGOs, which oppose the application of Directed Energy weapons.

Jurij Jurevitch Leonov in Zavatra Nr.43,10/26/99, Angels and Demons-FSB ( Armaments of the Future )

Boris Ratnikov, in Pravda 08/14/2007, Russians have psychotronic weapon to zombie people 

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