psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Nigel Farage

Nigel Paul Farage

born 3 April 1964,
is a
British politician and is the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP),[3] a position he previously held from September 2006 to November 2009. He is a current Member of the European Parliament for South East England and co-chairs the EuroscepticEurope of Freedom and Democracy group.
Farage was a founding member of the UKIP, having left the Conservative Party in 1992 after they signed the Maastricht Treaty. Having unsuccessfully campaigned in European and Westminster parliamentary elections for UKIP since 1994, he was elected as the MEP for South East England in the 1999 European Parliament Election and was re-elected in 2004 and 2009. Farage describes himself as a libertarian and rejects the notion that he is a conservative.
In September 2006, Farage became the
UKIP Leader and led the party through the 2009 European Parliament Election in which it received the second highest share of the popular vote, defeating Labour and the Liberal Democrats with over two million votes. However he stepped down in November 2009 to concentrate on contesting the Speaker John Bercow's seat of Buckingham in the 2010 general election.
At the 2010 General Election, Farage failed to unseat John Bercow and received only the third highest share of the vote in the constituency. Shortly after the polls opened on 6 May 2010, Nigel Farage was injured in an aircraft crash in Northamptonshire. The two-seated
PZL-104 Wilga 35A had been towing a pro-UKIP banner when it flipped over and crashed shortly after takeoff. Both Farage and the pilot were hospitalised with non-life-threatening injuries.[4]

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In einer emotionalen Rede am 24. November 2010 vor dem Europaparlament greift Nigel Farage den ganzen Frust der Europäer gegenüber diesem künstlichen Staatsgebilde auf: »Die Leute sagen in zunehmender Weise: Wir wollen diese Fahne nicht. Wir wollen diese Hymne nicht. Wir wollen die politische Klasse nicht. Wir wollen, dass die ganze Sache dem Mülleimer der Geschichte übergeben wird.« Schauen Sie in die sprachlosen Gesichter dieser mit unseren Steuergeldern finanzierten Europaabgeordneten …

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Nigel Farage spricht vor dem Europaparlament ..


From: Walter Madliger
Sent: 02 December 2008 15:12
To: FARAGE Nigel
Subject: Blinnikova-report

Dear Andrew,

I am sending a report to you, from Moscow,in which it is stated, that the physicist Jelena Blinnikova-Wjasemskaja had been killed in August 2007. She was an expert in Military Radars and Biogenerators and had been invited by the European Court for Human Rights  as an expert witness in a trial concerning mind control and electronic harassment. She was as well an activist in the by now well-known Moscow Committee for the "ecology of dwellings".She a.o.t wrote a scientific paper about the influence on the personality of indigenous people by the psychotronic experimentations in 94 Russian cities in 1996 already. We are mourning for a courageous and very dear soul,a really great friend.

Walter Madliger


Von: FARAGE Nigel <

Betreff: RE: Blinnikova-report
An: "Walter Madliger

Datum: Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2008, 16:16

Dear Walter,

Please accept my condolences on the death of your friend, which could indeed, be a warning that public scepticism, and mistrust of the "authorities", is beginning to worry their operatives. If so, then our progress will be marked by further such, and increasingly numerous, "warnings".  It will get worse before it gets better. On the other hand, we are not all knowledgeable insiders, whose testimony could do immediate and extensive damage to the establishment. A policy of assassinating mere protesters would only lend credibility to our protests, so I think that most of us are safe enough, for the moment.

 Yours sincerely

 Andrew Reed


Summary report of the meeting with Mr. Andrew Reed, assistant to Mr. Nigel Farage, MEP, from UKIP ( United Kingdom Independence Party and Democracy) on July 8th, 2008 in the Europarliament Low Building in Strasbourg, France, from 1.45 p.m to 3.10 p.m. 


Our chat with Mr Andrew Reed could be summed up with the above title. Unfortunately, the delegation of the Strasbourg demonstration, Mrs.Swetlana Schunin and myself, Walter Madliger could not speak to Mr. Nigel Farage, MEP, personally but he came by for a short while, just to greet us. Mr. Andrew Reed not only confirmed the title of this article, but he was also critical of the EU policy, whose relationship with the citizens is ,generally, too impersonal.
He explained the mechanisms of political power and their influences on democracy. He gave us an outline of the abuse of power which is easily possible in a democracy and is more and more widespread. This, of course, is very alarming. The abuse of power is the essence of moral evil. Moral evil occurs, when the authorities refuse to accept the responsibility for the welfare of those who are logically under their care. When there is no close relationship with the citizens, moral evil and tort are common practice. The abuse of power is the telltale sign of democracies in crisis. We are governed by a distant political elite,which has lost all contact with the people. Nobody than we, the victims of mindcontrol and electronic harassment , could have agreed more. While Mr. Andrew Reed tried to make us understand his position and his problems, we tried to get a word in and present our own problems. He asked about the whys and wherefores of this control of the psyche, when it had occured and how it had impacted on us.
We gave him a few examples and an update of psychophysical means and weapons, and of the existing laws on their misuse. He took down notes of all this. In my opinion , he was very well aware of all these means and weapons, and even of the laws, but he did not show how much aware he was. He also seemed to let us understand he has very scarce knowledge of the HAARP issue and the EU-Resolution A4-0005/99, although the UK is one of the most important states, which have participated in the similar EISCAT installations in Norway.
He made no comments on our allegations that England used mindcontrol technology in the Northern Ireland Conflict and in the island itself, Greenham Commons in 1988. We talked about the development and the proliferation of Non-lethal Weapons and the international symposia in Ettlingen, Germany.
When we asked him about a possible specific reaction of the EU-Parliament to the problems under discussion, (e.g. in the form of a specific EU-resolution), he could not promise us that he would be able to organize and form a subcommittee for this purpose, nor even a subcommittee for the investigation of our allegations and complaints.
The assenting votes of quite a few delegates would be needed and the party's fraction in the EU-Parliament would just be a bit too small. Whether this statement was 100% true, I doubt a bit, as the overall number of the so-called “eurosceptics” fraction amounts to 37 ,to the best of my knowledge.
In other words, a specific EU-Resolution regarding mindcontrol means and electronic harassment weapons is not yet in sight. Apparently, there is some “understanding” of our complaints, but in the end nobody is willing to really do something about it. The question we have to ask ourselves is what will everything be like, if we ask the politicians and the governments to forbid and stop the use of the weapons in question on human beings.They are, right now, lining their pockets with a quick profit, they are, right now, making their dictatorial dreams come true . So who wants to kill the goose that lays the golden egg?

At the end of the meeting, we handed out information material to Mr. Andrew Reed
(books of Jim Keith and Heiner Gehring and additional info-material, the Smirnov-DVD ). It remains to be seen whether or not Mr. Reed will have a look at them . When we pointed out that the fate and the whole future of our children are at stake, Mr Reed agreed and was quite impressed.
At least, the European Parliament has now been informed by a first hand source. Now, they know that there exist citizens who want to fight for the issue and for their most fundamental Human Rights. This issue and that of getting the delegates support our cause should now be our most important goal.

W. Madliger 

Dotzingen, 12.07.2008


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