psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Barrie Trower

Physicist & British Secret Service Microwave Weapon Specialist

Monday, August 23, 2010, 4:31 PM


Initially, all systems “pulsed.” However, when it was realised that stealth microwave warfare relies on entrainment of a brain from such pulses (now being  used as a domestic instrument) the pulses had to be renamed  as “modulations.”
The difference between them is infinitesimally small, but the effect is just the same. Only the name has changed. I believe that this explains the dramatic  changes in behaviour we are now witnessing - group suicides, disruption in schools, aggression and so on.

Over the years, I have compiled a list of known entrainment responses (followed by long-term  potentiation) from these microwaves. It should be appreciated that each person will respond slightly differently, although the same area of brain/temporal/amygdaloid temporal/parotid/etc., will remain the same.   


From Weapons to Your WiFi

 FREE LECTURE at the University of Toronto with   

Physicist & Former British Secret Service Microwave Weapon Specialist   

During the Cold War, Barrie Trower’s job for the British Secret Service was to debrief spies who were using stealth microwave weapons.  

Most notably, the Russians pulsed microwaves at the American Embassy where staff developed leukemia and other sicknesses.   

Today, Barrie Trower is shocked to see the proliferation of microwave technologies – WiFi, cell phones, cell towers, and more.
Will give you an understanding of microwave radiation from an insider who now speaks openly to governments, police, and the public. Click here to view video 


155 College Street, Room 610 

University of Toronto 

24th at 7:30 P.M.

  Open Letter from Barrie Trower:

The Communications Industry, because of its usefulness to Finance, Government,  Intelligence gathering and Warfare, is really in the position where it is spiralling out of any person’s ability to control it, with regard to advancing technology.  Initially, all systems “pulsed.” However, when it was realised that stealth microwave warfare relies on entrainment of a brain from such pulses (now being used as a domestic instrument) the pulses had to be renamed as “modulations.” The difference between them is infinitesimally small, but the effect is just the same. Only the name has changed. I believe that this explains the dramatic changes in behaviour we are now witnessing - group suicides, disruption in schools, aggression and so on.   Over the years, I have compiled a list of known entrainment responses (followed by long-term potentiation) from these microwaves. It should be appreciated that each person will respond slightly differently, although the same area of brain/temporal/ amygdaloid temporal/parotid/etc., will remain the same. 
It is worth mentioning that a mobile phone with a pulse/modulation frequency of 25 could act directly on visual sight (if being held at head), or heartbeat (if in a chest pocket). A frequency of 25 can disrupt both visual and heart neurotransmitters.   Clearly a susceptible person may have any combination of these. Electrosensitive persons may recognise many of their own symptoms. My work on electrosensitivity and the brain can be found on  I think the problem is that young Governments and young communications engineers have no knowledge of Cold War warfare and don’t know who to ask; even if they did, the Government would probably be in denial. The situation is a mess, made worse by greed.   If anyone would like clarification of any of the foregoing, or I can help in any way, please let me know.

Barrie Trower

3 Flowers Meadow,  Liverton, Devon, TQ12 6UP, 01626 821014 

Effects of Pulsed Microwave Radiation 

Pulses or Modulations per second

Possible Result  

1 Heartbeat Rhythm 

1-3 Sleep Pattern  

3-5 Paranoia/Hallucinations/Amnesia/ Illusions/Drowsiness ‘Absent’ Feeling  

6-7 Depression/Suicidal Feelings/Visual Distortion/Confusion 

8-11 Cannot Relax/Feeling Unwell/Unhappy  

11-13 Anger/Manic Behaviour/Problems with Movement/Flashes/Loss of Appetite   

14-18 Small Seizures/Disturbed Orientation/ Auditory/Visual Hallucinations 

18+ Inability to make decisions/Sensory problems (sight/touch/sound) 

24+** Confusion/Flickering/flashing lights/ Dizziness  

35+ Mania/Hyperactivity  

40+ Anxiety/Sleep disturbance/Reaction time slowed/Unable to make decisions  



TORONTO, Aug 23, 2010 / Canada NewsWire (press release)

The talk at U of T was well attended with standing room only (well over 250 in the audience). There were 7 video cameras trained on Mr. Trower while he spoke. His talk will be made available within the next couple of weeks.
After giving a presentation that lasted well over one hour, the questions continued for an additional hour showing the interest in this topic. Mr. Trower received a standing ovation and applause broke out numerous times during this talk. Link to article in Toronto Star August 26, 2010:  "U.K. Expert Warns against Wi-Fi."
In 2001, Barrie Trower gave a talk on TETRA to the Devon and Cornwall branch of the Police Federation.

Autobiography - 47k

The letter from Swetlana

Dear Mr. Trower, thank you very much for your open letter. We have translated and published it in Germany and in Russia. We need your professional help and support!

There are many victims of torture and abuse in Germany: For many years’ individuals, couples and whole families have been abused and tortured with invisible, hardly detectable irradiations. Citizens are tormented with electromagnetic -, ultra- and infrasound weapons - physically and psychologically damaged and killed:

Meanwhile over 700 victims in the Federal Republic of Germany is known. Many of them have reported to Police Stations and Public Prosecutor's Offices. The tormented victims have written countless letters to politicians and to responsible persons and authorities in order to obtain their attention - so far without success. The phenomenon “is denied; the danger of criminal applications of this technology however is immense, because at present the criminals can be located only very badly, the used frequencies must be known - with technical aids (frequency spreading, frequency shopping) these are furthermore masked. Ultrasonic - and Infrasonic waves penetrate house walls and they can lead to nauseas, to mental confusion , up to the injuring of internal organs and stopping the heart” (A. I. Gurow, president of the Parliamentary Commission, on the amendment of the Russian law on weapons in the State-Duma -law signed and published by the Russian President since July 1st, 2001).

Although the criminal application of microwave technology has been reported by victims for more than 20 years, one has to observe that the Federal Criminal Investigation Office, the Public Prosecutor's Offices, the Police and the Courts at least officially seem to ignore information about torture and abuse using microwave technology. Abroad however, there already exist appropriate laws which protect the citizens (among other things the law on weapons of Russia, the law on weapons of Michigan, US Federal State, valid since 2004, which not only give evidence of the existence of these technologies, but also forbid the possession, the illegal application and the trade in these weapons with sanctions of up to lifetime imprisonments).

Since 1999 The European Parliament demanded in European Union Resolution A4-0005/99 Article 27 for “ an international convention over a general prohibition of any development and stationing of weapons, which could open the doors for any form of the manipulation of humans.”

However an appropriate law has yet to come into force in Germany so that citizens are protected from the torture and abuse using psychophysical weapons. The German Committee on Petitions did not endorse a legislative initiative (Schr. v. 07.09.2005 concerning Pet 1-14-06-7111). 

Many victims believe that the Secret Services and the Military with tacit approval of the German Government use these weapons on its population in illegal research. That would explain why the Federal Chancellor and the Federal Minister of the Interior has not reacted to letters of victims of irradiation in the past. In view of the illegal actions in connection with the torture accusations, the victims of beam weapons have already for years assumed that the Secret Services have gotten out of control. The victims are not only simply irradiated, but also observed and listened to around the clock.

Hundreds of humans in Germany and in Europe ask for an International investigation into these enormous violations of human rights, which take place right at this moment secretly and worldwide.

Dear Mr. Trower we hope that you can help and support us! We have prepared 15 questions, and we ask you to answer these important question!

God bless you!

Yours sincerely

Svetlana and other German and European victims of irradiation and torture


Questions of victims from Germany:

1. How can we protect ourselves from the microwave radiation?

2. Can the bluetoothblocker or the mobile phoneblocker protect us
from the electronic torture / radiation etc.?

3. Have you already tried out one yourselves? Maybe there are
still other microwaveblocker which could help us?

4. How do you think, with which devices would it be possible to be
measured the radiation?

5. How exactly does this technology function?

6. Though we all have certain images and imagination, how we are
tormented, nobody knows exactly. Can you describe how the criminals
attack us?

7. How do you think, we may present the measurements in the flats
and houses of the victims to the police?

8. Is it possible to make laser or microwave attacks audible or obviously?

9. Can you send us pictures of the microwave weapons or equipment/devices?

10. How can it prove medically, that the affected person is irradiated?

11. Which blood and urine parameter shows clearly that the
affected person is irradiated?

12. Are there already devices which can measure radiation of the body?

13. Why the politicians are so cowardly that they do not disclose
this subject and they wait for a bigger pressure of the side of the
organizations who deal with it?

14. Mr. Trower, you speak with scientists and students, why then
not with doctors and lawyers?

15. From whom can we expect the help: from the press, from the
justice or only from citizens?


Answer from Barrie Trower

2.12.2010 3 Flowers Meadow,

Liverton, Devon

TQ12 6 UP

(0044-162 6821 014)

UK (162 6821 014)  

Dear Svetlana, thank you for your letter!

I will try to answer your 15 questions; however, you may not like some of the answers. The whole letter may be published if you wish.


1. Purchase a small microwave detector (audible), never carry a mobile phone (even switched off), never have a walk about phone –even off, never have any wireless device.
Screen your bed and chair with a thin metal (not foil) screen, if you are being “targeted” by microwaves- never carry any electrical device and mingle in a crowded place to confuse the computer tracking you.
2. No. The only red solution is to “jam” the signal – but that can cause other complications from reflection and constructive interference.
3. As above –personal or domestic (house) shielding is the only solution.
4. You could use a spectrometer, but they can cost thousands of pounds and are very difficult to use. Simple detectors can be used (even hired) from specialists like “Powerwatch”. They either flash little lights or “beep”. They cost about a 100 pounds.
5. They measure the frequency (number of waves) and amplitude (energy) of the waves. Not pulses or modulations- a spectrometer is needed for that.
6. Yes. Microwave irradiation- with correct pulse frequencies can cause visual and audible hallucinations. Added to this, entrainment of the brain and you can induce severe mental illnesses that can fool psychiatrists. Effects can last weeks between irradiation attacks. It is very easy to do. You can be targeted all day and night to achieve the desired effect. If you go to the, you should see a mathematical interpretation showing how this occurs plus a flow chart. (h.e.s.e. is a German organization of think). They published some of my work. Please note at this point that I do not use or own a computer just a fountain pen and bottle of ink.
7. A legal measurement can only be made by an expert with a calibrated spectrometer over many days, weeks or months. Apart from being expensive- those people will soon be aware of your efforts and turn off their equipment. Hence you will prove nothing. Hand held devices are not accepted in Court.
8. Yes, purchase a hand held audible microwave detector.
9. Take a look out of your window! Any microwave mobile phone transmitter- any micro cell (picocell) in shops can be programmed by computer for this- as can any mobile phone you are carrying or use. Or any family members phone-even if it is totally off.
10. Yes. The best person for this may be Prof. Magda Havas( of the Toronto University. She has conducted blood tests in her lab, which show microwave irradiation. I believe they are on her website. I spoke there earlier this years, my speech should be on her website. Look for the text of my address to King Kgolo Kgfela of S. Africa.
11. As mentioned above on Magda Havas’ website basically the viscosity changes.
12. Yes, EEG-ECG- machines – lie detectors- it really depends on which part of the electromagnetic spectrum you wish to detect. All waves from the body can be detected even the smallest L-B- Delta-Zeta brain waves.
13. There are people “above” politicians, (who really deal with simple domestic matters) those above politicians make the real decisions. These people are not subjected to an election on a four or five year term.
14. -15. I have spoken to three legal firms, in the last year. I even produced an 88 page document for one of them. The problem is with the Governments. Generally, in all those cases, where Governments and governmental scientists are complicit in illegal experiments or experimentation of populations- they will stall and delay. Most cases take on average about fifteen years to come to Court.
Hence, most cases fail due to death of the victim. It is easy for governmental lawyers to put the onus of medical proof on to the victim. Most doctors/ Consultants work for the department of health, which of course is a governmental department!
If not, if they work privately they still have to be registered with the Government. Hence, you will receive very little medical help. I have personally known three hospital Consultants be threatened within four hours of taking up such cases. They all gave up and decided to keep their jobs.
Finally, you asked if I would give a press interview. It is a lot easier for the press to meet me here because I have all my documents to hand. The biggest problem is proof. Even if you can prove you are being irradiated (which is doubtful) how do you prove who is responsible? Theoretically it could be from as many as 150 different companies from as many Countries- not necessary the Country you are in! This is why, microwaves are such perfect weapons!
I probably could come to Germany, but it would be very expensive. You would do better to pay for an investigative reporter to write an article which exposes this- provided you could publish it of course. I have been banned from contracting eight Universities accompanied by three death threats. That gives you an idea of governmental power.

You may wish to read my address to King Kgfela on Magda’s website, a lot of good work to do is referenced on it. 

I wish yo well!


Kommentar 1

The British physicist and stealth expert for the Secret Service, Barrie Trower, told us in his handwritten letter, that it is only and uniquely a government thing, (actually a " conspiracy as governance", see Wikileaks) - government has set up all the rules for everyone of its departments, DoD, DoJ ( police, fedpol, FBI,courts ), DoT DoI, a.s.o regarding to the use  and the secrecy about the technology.

Every scientist (!), who knows something about the technology, has to cooperate with the government and must try to stall and to delay indefinitely every legal action and initiative against it. This includes all physicians - state employed med. doctors in hospitals, and as well private physicians, who do need their practicing licenses renewed and confirmed from time to time by the state. Unwilling physicians or doctors, who want to take on a TI case, find themselves very fast on the street, and are menaced with death threats. He has seen himself something of this fast government action: 3 hospital physicians wanted to take on TI cases, just 4 hours afterwards they all have been threatened by the government. and they all choose to keep their jobs. It is foreseen, that legal action against this technology only will be allowed after 50 (!) years - that is, all the TIs will be dead by then -and all the cases have been solved by time. Every lawyer as well is threatened.

Universities shall not reply to questions and requests of TIs, 8 universities (in the UK ?) forbade him to contact them and he had been sent multiple (3) death threats. This coincides with my own experiences.


New film with Dr. Barry Trower

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