psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Justice - Control


Dr. Wilfried Meißner

For the defense of the profit-laden deception of authorities and citizens by means of systematic science deceit.

The wrong certificates which become the basis of wrong judicial rulings demandaffected person regularly to live in a, under the cloak from more scientific human knowledge and "child welfare", sold life lie. In it many people become emotionally ill. Every third marriage in Germany breaks. If the parents cannot agree, often the juridical "state of war" follows. Then children are often only means for the purpose of, are abused as "a weapon" and get constantly between the "fronts" of her arguing parents. Every year 218,000 marriages are divorced in Germany, 170,000 children under age experience the hell on earth - the decay of their family. These figures are the average from a statistically grasped period of ten years (1998 - 2008). 

1.7 Millions children under age are affected In this time span 2.178.433 million separations occurred in Germany. 1.7 billion children under age must find the way about decayed, broken families - an alarming number. This number only foreshadows how much grief, desperation, need and poverty are hidden behind it.

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