psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Baranov's report


"In loving memory of our parents, brothers, relatives murdered by the unprecedentedly inhumane system, reigning in Russia since 1917 to the present time".


London - Moscow - Los Angeles,
1996 - 2007


Clandestine Weapon:

Undeclared Chemical-Biological War Against Peaceful Population

By Vadim V. Baranov, Tatyana A. Baranova (ne'e Spryskova)


Russian Medical Doctor and Research Scientist in Chemistry accuse special services of covert use of "special means" against people for:

deliberate harming of health
behavior modification of unaware persons
killing without trac

The first legal process initiated by us in The Court of California, USA continued more than three years and successfully ended on January 03, 2000. Our charges are recognized as substantiated by the judicial and governmental systems of the USA and the UK. A new case considering covert use of narcotics, chemical, biological and other weapons by special services started in 1998 at The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


Born 1946, Russian

Degree: Medical Doctor

Ivanovo State Medical Institute, 1968-1974, city of Ivanovo, USSR. Medical Doctor and military rank of lieutenant of medical service of reserve.
Specialities: Clinical Oncology (First Qualification Category), Endoscopy, General Surgery, Pediatry.
Postgraduate education and specialization for doctors (including military medicine courses): 1975 Internatura; 1976 General surgery, city of Ivanovo; 1977 Endoscopy, city of Ivanovo; 1980 Clinical Oncology, city of Kazan; 1987 Clinical Oncology, Moscow; 1990 Clinical Oncology, Moscow; 1992 Clinical Oncology, Moscow; 1994 Cryosurgery in Cancer Treatment, Moscow; 1996 Clinical Oncology, Moscow; 2005 Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Moscow. Professional certification and post graduation course in oncology.

Registered with General Medical Council of the United Kingdom: #5195924.
Occupation: Head of District Oncology Department, Lead Specialist (Oncologist) of Kievsky District of Moscow (1985-1996). Doctor Oncologist at the 2-nd Moscow Oncological Dispensary (Clinic), city of Moscow (October 2002 - December 31, 2003; October 2006 – the present time).
Since October 4, 2004 until November 9, 2005 worked as Doctor Oncologist, in the Central Administrative District of the city of Moscow.
Degree: Political Science, Ivanovo University M/L, 1979-1981, city of Ivanovo, USSR. Religion:
Christian. Permanent resident of the UK. Moscow/London/Los Angeles


Born 1947, Russian

Degree: Candidate of Chemical Sciences (PhD)

at Ivanovo Institute of Chemical Technology, city of Ivanovo, USSR, 1976. Post Graduate Education.
Degree: Chemical Engeneer. Ivanovo Institute of Chemical Technology, city of Ivanovo, USSR, 1971.
Speciality: Organic Chemistry.
Occupation: Up to 1996 worked as a Researcher in Academic Institutes and Scientific Research Laboratories of the cities of Ivanovo and Moscow. October 2002 to September 2003 - Scientific Researcher at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow. Retired since 2003. Religion: Christian. Permanent resident of the UK. Moscow/London/Los Angeles


Born 1973, Russian

Education: high school #1234 with broad study of English, Bol’shaya Molchanovka Str., Moscow, Russia, graduated 1990.
Degree: of Electrical Engineer (MSEE), Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (Technical University), 1990-1996, Moscow, Russia.
Postgraduate Education: 1996
Aspirantura, Moscow, Russia; Software Engineering courses (1997 - 2001) at San Francisco State University, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University of California Los Angeles Extension, USA. Speciality: Software Engineer. Since 1996 lives in the USA. Permanent Resident of the USA. Moscow/London/Los Angeles


By Vadim V. Baranov, Tatyana A. Baranova
( Spryskova), Sergei V. Baranov.

In the end of the 1970s, as we became the objects of close attention of the KGB/MVD, we suspected that we were subjected to application of substances impairing our health. The clinical picture coincided with that of chemical weapons applied in non lethal doses. This our assumption could be regarded as an extremely wild if it had not been confirmed by unofficial information received from the Ivanovo KGB and MVD officers: lieutenant-colonel Melnik Vadim Nikolaevich and junior lieutenant of the interior service Kolbashova (Kolchugina) Natalya Nikolaevna and others in the end of 1970-s and beginning of 1980-s regarding the use of chemical weapons against individuals. This information served as a stimulus for a prolonged professional medical monitoring. The picture of this monitoring for the period of 1981-1996 showed that the scale in which special services apply substances that impair human health surpassed the worst expectations. It correlates with a demographic situation of Russian Federation (Genocide of Russian Population).

The results of these prolonged observations gave us possibility to conduct analysis and make some generalizations. The material represented in this article is based, first of all, on our personal experience as persecuted victims, on our observations and also on information from open sources.

As to special services, their own destructive activity is regarded by themselves as top-secret. In a democratic society, or a society that has a democratic appearance, the spectrum of traditional methods of pressure on the members of the society is inevitably narrowed, giving way to clandestine means of individual terror known as (Rus: "sistema vnesudebnogo presledovaniya") "the system of outlawed persecution". 

As it follows from the open publications, the most powerful weapons of this system, so called "special means", were and continue to be the weapons developed since the time of Vladimir Lenin in the notorious "Special Office" (Rus: "Spetsialny Kabinet"), which later transformed into top secret toxicological "Laboratory X" of professor Mairanovsky, bacteriological laboratory of academician Muromtsev and so on... Subsequently the weapons were elevated by the modern followers to the qualitatively new level opening a possibility to organize an individual terror on a massive scale.

The methods elaborated by special services for the limited purposes of "special operations" are on massive scale transferred to peaceful population in order to create artificial unhealthiness with the aim of: behavior modification;reduction of social and political activity of competitors and opponents; suppression of any non sanctioned initiative in any sphere of life beginning from a domestic one; and more often merely against unwanted persons.  

The "artificial unhealthiness" of targeted victims is achieved by clandestine application of the widest spectrum of chemical or biological substances - "special means" which cause deterioration of mental or physical health (or both) of various degree and duration. It should be emphasized that such sort of actions in any case cause artificial decline of life quality, accelerate biological aging, artificially shorten life expectancy. The same practice extended to it's lethal extreme makes it possible to carry out mass purges camouflaging them under social and economic difficulties. In order to create "artificial mental unhealthiness" special services covertly use a wide spectrum of narcotics, CNS (central nervous system) stimulants, psychomimetics, hallucinogens, etc. This range of substances makes it possible to change behavior of a victim in a wide range: from deepest depression leading to a suicide (masked murder) to heavy psychomotor excitement causing complications and death due to acute cardiovascular collapse (shock), arrhythmia, fibrillation, or cardiac arrest ("seemingly natural death"); from psychomotor stupor and catatonia to extreme rage and aggression. The latter enables to match with ease the behavior of an individual to criminal one and then treat him as a criminal (criminalization of victim).
In any case, the use of the mentioned above "special means" causes an abnormal and embarrassing behavior of a victim enabling special services to isolate the "object" from the rest of the society by creating around him social vacuum.
In order to discredit an unwanted rival, witness, opponent, etc., the "ordinary" narcotics are covertly used as well. This enables special services in collaboration with the medicine to officially register the presence of narcotic substances in the blood and urine on an unaware victim. Besides that, technique of artificial addicting to drugs is also in the arsenal of special services. The same methods are used for dehumanization of a victim in the eyes of the society which acts as a precursor to further physical liquidation.

In order to create "artificial physical unhealthiness" various means are used, beginning from those that came from the depth of history and ending with modern achievements of genetic engineering. The spectrum is practically unlimited as all substances if applied in overdoses are toxic for humans. However, according to our observations and information from open sources, the most widely used "special means" include military poisoning substances (Rus: tabel'nye otravlyayushchie veshchestva) in various dilutions and products of special laboratories and institutes of special services. Here are only several examples of such agents:

arsenic compounds;
derivatives of vitamin K (cause blood clotting);
derivatives of decumarine (cause internal bleeding)

wide range of incapacitants (cause sharp deterioration of physical and mental activity);
various poisons and toxins (for example: ricin, mycotoxin, myelin toxin);
binary poisoning substances;
radioactive substances (for instance, Polonium-210 destroys biochemical systems of the body on the molecular level and causes clinical picture similar to immune deficiency disorders; radioactive Iodine-131 causes thyroid disorders including thyroid cancer);
various mixtures - multicomponent toxic mixtures (the brand handwriting of Russian special services is the use of poisons, specially created for а certain victim - taking into account the state of its health and physical parameters);
poisoning by narcotic substances are disguised as epilepsy, stroke, etc., poisonings by metal compounds – as gastroenteritis, peritonitis, etc.

During the recent years the use of genetically modified human saprophytes, such as "Escherichia coli" has been noticed. When in human body they are able to become deadly toxic at any moment having been activated with chemical substances applied on skin, or by any other methods.
The new achievements in biochemistry (for example in the field of bioregulators and pheromones) make it possible to induce a wide range of effects from non motivated rage to uncontrolled sexual attraction. This makes a victim an easy target for blackmailing or discrediting. Biological agents causing sharp unpleasant smell from a human body are also used in order to dehumanize and isolate the victim. Furthermore, the developments in the field of
bioregulators (regulatory peptides) make it possible to use substances produced naturally by human body. Those toxins cause dramatic emotional and psychological changes, heart attacks, strokes, heart palpitation, arrhythmia, disruption of transmission of nerve impulses and so on. This opens an unprecedented possibility to use toxic substances that could not be traced in human body. In each case a clandestine application of such substances can lead to death - "killing without trace".

During the later Soviet period the special services, first of all the KGB, used the data of medical checkups and physical examinations for active revealing of latent, chronic diseases of a victim with the purpose of their amplification by special means in order to gradually finish off a victim labeling it as death from the natural causes. More often - from the pathology of the cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary systems as the most vulnerable to poisons and weaponized microorganisms and bacteria. It is necessary to mention here biological substances used by special services that cause skeletal diseases depriving a victim of ability to move. As a result, the respiratory function of a human body and then the heart vessel function are damaged. An accidental or deliberately arranged contact with a respiratory infection (flu, pneumonia) kills the victim without a trace of violence.

"Novichok" ("newcomer") belongs to a range of substances that cause dramatic artificial biological aging of a human body and a catastrophic shortening of life expectancy.

2,4-Pyrolo - a substance, that causes total loss of memory - amnesia.

Alcohol even in insignificant amounts could be deadly when organophosphates (such as sarin) are applied by special services.

The application of biological agents and other "special means" is usually coducted under the disguise of natural factors, for example: endemic diseases, climatic or seasonal conditions, technical miscalculations and mistakes (Sverdlovsk accident) and so on. "Weak places" are specially searched for and used for camouflage. As it proved to be, the most common methods of delivery of "special means" to a body of an unaware victim are the following:

spraying on skin;
spraying as an aerosol cloud for inhaling;
adding to food;
smearing the surfaces in a residence, clothes, linen, underwear, shoes, etc.

Spray containers of various shapes and sizes from ordinary ones to micro capsules and "applicators" camouflaged under everyday objects such as umbrellas, pens, keys, cigarette lighters, screwdrivers, even built into mobile phones, fingernail sized inhaler type plastic dosers unnoticeably caught between the fingers, allow to apply poisons, toxins, biological weapons in various concentrations on skin or for inhaling. Microcapsules colored like human skin and entirely unnoticeable in hand, or scattered on the floor release toxin, poison or narcotic on crashing. The rapid development of nanotechnologies unlimitedly expands the opportunities of covert introduction of any substance to an organism. Micro and nanocapsules represent the ideal means of delivery of chemical and biological agents to a human body. Due to their small sizes they may be able to enter the body undetected by its immune system, and then become activated by the cells’ own mechanisms or an external trigger (for example ultrasound, electromagnetic radiation) to produce a toxin. A highly porous silicon-based nanomaterial product on entering the body (swallowed tiny capsules or tiny invisible needles applicated to skin) can release a toxin slowly over a period of time.
As the highly toxic substances are used in insignificant amounts, a victim, even knowing of being attacked, is generally unable to detect the moment of the attack. This is even more difficult as there may be no physical contact between an attacker and a victim. As a rule, these substances are applied in crowded areas: streets, shops, public transport, but it can also be a lonely passer-by walking towards you or approaching from behind. Intrusions into dwelling in the absence of the residents practiced by special services, give enormous possibility for unprecedented pressure on a victim by not letting it escape to a safe place. During these intrusions "special means" are applied to surfaces in the dwelling soft furniture, carpets as well as to clothes, linen, underwear, shoes in order to harm the health of the resisting victim. Dishes, utensils are covered with heavy metals - lead, mercury, or with thinnest synthetic polymer films exuding a toxin. Prolonged application of these substances achieved by the above mentioned techniques causes chronic poisoning with irreversible consequences.

If there is no possibility to intrude into the dwelling, poisoning substances are usually delivered as vapor or aerosol via the ventilation system of the building, or by a special drill that can run through a residence ceiling or a wall, or by other methods. The dwelling thus turns into a "gas chamber".

Combinations of poisonous substances (Rus: "preparats") used against a victim produce a variegated continuously changing clinical picture with a myriad of symptoms that do not fit into any known diagnosis, confusing doctors and making them send the patient to various specialists ("Syndrome of Unclear Origin"). In the beginning the deviations of health condition caused by applied substances are not irreversible, in this case a victim receives a false, non-existent diagnosis "Vegeto-Vascular Dystonia" (Rus: "vegeto-sosudistaya distoniya"), and in the case of a sudden death - the "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome". In other cases (the most desirable for special services) the victim falls into the hands of psychiatrists, and from that moment on,
a tandem of special services and psychiatry [Bib. 129] (which itself was a part of the internal service of the KGB) is put into action. Subsequently, such person is treated as a lunatic (mentally ill) with all consequences following from it (neutralization of a dangerous witness etc., etc.).

If application of toxic substances causes irreversible changes in a human body, (cancer, myocardial infarction, asthma, stroke, etc.) physical elimination of the victim takes place  seemingly natural death. In other cases, under other circumstances, prolonged persecution leads to destruction of personality and as a result to the loss of a social and professional activity. It could be used for dehumanization of a victim in the eyes of society followed by further physical liquidation. Finally, one beloved by the special services method should be mentioned here - liquidation on the move - that is during vacations, business trips, visits, as well as during weekends (Fridays, Saturdays) and holidays.   

The described here barbarous system is aimed to solve quite certain tasks, which according to our observations are the following:

To ruin the will, to destroy the morale of the victim, etc; to make a victim guided, that is to force a person to do those things which in the normal circumstances it would have never done (recruiting - Rus: "verbovka").
To intimidate a victim, to force it to refuse the certain personal, social or political plans. To make impossible the realization of plans deliberately inducing poor health (artificial disability). To destroy the family of a victim as a main support of resistance to violence. To reduce occupational, educational or personal activities, masking application of "special means" under "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome", "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome", etc. As a revenge, causing more or less harm to health when intimidation, recruiting or luring failed. To discredit and arrange conditions for prosecution, or attach a false psychiatric diagnosis and then treat the victim as a lunatic. (As a result, to remove a dangerous witness, etc.) As tortures (deprivation of sleep, muscular-skeletal pains, the hardest headaches, toothaches, etc.) and getting satisfaction from suffering caused to the victim (sadism). For expulsion (from a residence, territory, motherland, etc.) To dehumanize before liquidation. And the last - to eliminate, to kill, to "overtreat" with special means (Rus: "urabotat' ") . That means that the aim to kill is put from the beginning arranging seemingly natural death.The range of it is enormously wide.

The list of methods of individual terror described here is far from complete. We do not mention the latest military achievements, immune or ethnic weapons (it is known that different ethnic groups have different levels of certain metabolic enzymes, or differences in genetic code), etc. It is also important to mention here that because of the diffusion of special services and criminal organizations, some of the described here methods are as well used by criminals. Our first attempts to make this information public in the former USSR are dated back to 1980. Despite our efforts these attempts were absolutely unsuccessful and turned out to be deadly dangerous. During the period of so called "Perestroika" very fragmented information of unofficial and semi-official character started to appear, but still it was and continues to be a "taboo", people who know about these type of things are paralyzed by fear, nobody ever spoke about it openly.

Finding ourselves in the West, we encountered the same. Nobody in Europe wants to discuss this problem, furthermore we are being persecuted for open discussion of it.

The Western legal system, however, made it possible for the first time in history to have these issues discussed in Court. A legal trial which started in San Francisco, California, in 1996 successfully ended on January 3, 2000. In 1998 we initiated a new unprecedented process on this problem in the European Court of Human Rights. The problem raised here represents the first attempt to break through the conspiracy of silence. For the first time in history this problem is brought to the international legal level.

We believe that from a medical as well as legal perspective any attempt of application of any substance to a person without his/her agreement is an attempt on human life and is against the basic human right - the Right to Live.

Wide publicity of conducted lawlessness, removing "taboo" from discussion of these problems is of the first priority in fighting this evil, that is why it is necessary to draw a more complete picture of it. As we have never collaborated with any special services, never been members of any secret societies, all our information is based on our personal observations and taken from open sources of information. In order to make a more complete picture of this problem we would like to receive any information on the following subjects:

On the base of what orders, commands or any other documents contradicting to the Constitution and the Law the war against people is conducted? What is known about such programs as "Flute" (Rus: "Fleyta"), "Bonfire" (Rus: "Koster") or other blood-curdling soviet-like eugenics? Colleagues-doctors, what do you know about it? The victims of Chernobyl', from more than a hundred thousand, only several thousands are alive. Does any one suspect the covert liquidation of liquidators of the nuclear disaster?
Anyone who knows anything, or have learned from friends or acquaintance, or became a victim, any of your knowledge will be helpful!

We shall accept your information with gratitude and will answer any known to us questions, give recommendations.

Vadim V. Baranov, Tatiana A. Baranova



On our Web site we presented an overview of the methods of how the "special means" are applied. These methods, judging from the cases reported by the press, continue to be used, however as a result of a long term observation an insight about the existence of other, remote non-contact methods of application have emerged.

From the history of application of chemical, biological and electromagnetic weapons a concept of the combined use of these three components to achieve the destructive effect is known. This concept later transformed into the idea of regulating biochemical processes on a cellular level by subjecting the living organisms to electromagnetic radiation, causing effects similar to the use of chemical and biological agents, but requiring only microdoses of such agents, or using chemical or biological agents already located in the body in a dormant state. And then came the opportunity to do even without the agents, by using only the electromagnetic radiation to control the biochemical processes of the organism.

For example, the site posted a book review [1] reported at the Joint Symposium on Interactions of Electromagnetic Waves with Biological Systems (1987, Tel Aviv, Israel). The book reads in part that weak low frequency and radiofrequency electromagnetic fields amplitude-modulated at extremely low frequencies (ELF) can alter behavior of hormones, neurotransmitters and other molecules in body cells contributing to the development of various diseases, including oncological diseases.

One of the books which has recently appeared on the bookstore shelves [2] reported about the wave genetic weapons “active development of which is presently being carried out by certain forces” ([2], p. 269). What this means is the possibility of a transmission of a viral information package by waves with a help of a “repeater”. As a result of such wave packet getting into the human body the virus may reappear on the physical level thus causing a virus-like disease ([2], p. 289, 293). (A virus in essence can be considered as an information poison). Such a wave packet, once in the human body, is able to alter the entire course of metabolism, in particular causing the appearance of endogenous toxins, which may have been what the authors discovered having experienced “severe toxification of the organism” during the alleged exposure. The authors “were surprised to discover that behind all this were the special services, mostly Russian, but others as well” ([2] p. 105).

We decided to comment on this information: to begin with, this sort of work was indeed conducted in the USSR ([3] Kaznacheev), and later in the laboratories of the Russian Academy of Sciences ([4], Gariaev). In particular it became possible to invoke in a living cell in a contactless manner symptoms identical to those of a viral infection. The effect is caused by the transfer of information from an infected cell to a healthy one by means of electromagnetic waves (ultra weak electromagnetic radiation) ([3], Kaznacheev, page 22, 23). According to the publication [5], the Kaznacheev discoveries are reported to be the basis for much of the Russian electromagnetic biological warfare program.

Now about the “repeaters”: this kind of generators simulating the topology and electrodynamics of the DNA molecule did exist already in 1994 in the laboratories of the Russian Academy of Sciences ([4] Gariaev, p. 3), plans were made to create ([4], p. 198) a family of bio-opto-radioelectronic and bio-axion equipment capable of simulating wave states of the genome. The possibility of non-matrix synthesis of polypeptides and polynucliotides by the wave method was also researched ([4], p. 100) (polynucleotides – DNA, RNA; polypeptides – proteins, the foundation of cells of living organisms).

Relying on our personal experience, information from open sources, analyzing the cases of applications of special means, as well as observing the bizarre picture of outbreaks of viral diseases in humans and animals in the past two decades across the globe, we consider these methods rather plausible.

1. Electromagnetic Interaction with Biological Systems. Edited by Dr. James C. Lin, University of Illinois, 1989, “Plenum Press”, New York: Biological amplification,
2. Vlad Bulgakov. V sotrudnichestve s vysshimi mirami (In collaboration with the highest worlds), book 2. Moscow, “Amrita-Rus”, 2007. (In Russian).
3. V.P. Kaznacheev, L.P. Mikhailova. Sverkhslabye izlucheniya v mezhkletochnykh vzaimodeistviyakh (Super-low level radiation in iter-cell interactions). Novosibirsk, “Nauka”, 1981 (In Russian).
4. P.P. Gariaev. Volnovoy genom (Entsiklopediya Russkoi Mysli, t. 5). (Wave genome) (Encyclopaedia of Russian Thought, vol. 5), Moscow, “Obshchaya Polza”, 1994 (In Russian).
5. C.B. Baker.
ELF-Electromagnetic Disease Transmission.


Vadim V. Baranov
Tatyana A. Baranova

 June 5, 2011



In this message we want to answer the letters we receive on our e-mail The reason for such "collective" response is that the core of the problems and the questions we are being asked is virtually of the same type. In addition, if we responded to someone separately, we would have deprived others of this information. All that is important we put on our website so that it is accessible to everybody.

We deeply and sincerely sympathize with those who found themselves under the pressure of “special means”. As it turned out, there are a great number of such people.

For the person who finds himself in such a situation it is extremely difficult to comprehend it. Each time being under attack, he will tell himself the same thing: this is impossible, what did I do to provoke it? And what do I do now?

Answers to these questions you will find if you read our Web site carefully. There is a list of additional sources of information quoted on our site.

Many remedies are simple and easily accessible, the difficulty is that they have to be applied every day over and over again so that the person’s everyday life changes and may with difficulty fit the ordinary patterns of life. At present, however, the situation is relieved by the fact that not only the Internet but also the Russian press and even the television talks about this subject quite openly. More and more people and organizations know what this is about. At the time when we started we could not even think that 14 years later everything would change so dramatically. The main thing which we succeeded in doing was raising this issue, formulating what seemed unthinkable at that time. The goal, which we set for ourselves back, then was to inform the ordinary people about the covered methods of persecution. We believe we succeeded in achieving that goal.

Vadim V. Baranov
Tatyana A. Baranova

March 12, 2011



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