psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  M. Vinogradov

Prof. Michail Vinogradov

"Following incident happened shortly. A man thought that bandits would have attacked him and he had beaten the leader to death. He thought his colleague to have been kidnapped by the gang. Actually it was him who had beaten his colleague to death in heavy amnesia. He was scared to death not only because they used to be friends for years. The amnesia appeared all of a sudden, without any pre-existing illnesses. You can cause similar conditions through pointed radiation. People can be programmed to fulfill any order remotely send to their brain." 

Professor Michail Vinogradov, a forensic psychiatrist from Moscow works in a covert research facility of the committee for national security. He researches the capability of psycho programmers. The documentation „The weapons of 21st century“ deals with those happenings.


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