psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Electronic Terrorism

 Wake News Radio/TV

Electronic Terrorism


Most Governments of this world, along with their full-scale industrial complex, and in collaboration with their respective authorities, institutions, departments and services, are either directly or indirectly involved in endangering all life and all species of this planet. They are contributing to the destruction of nature itself by use of the most modern electronical weapons, artificial frequencies and radiation being deployed against their own population with or without knowledge of their very existence.

Wake News Radio/TV: LIVE- Sendung…

Electronic Terrorism + Poison From The Air - Wake News Radio TV 11.05.2013 vsm

Victims of the NWO-mass hypnosis - Wake News Radio/TV

The daily crimes of the NWO - Wake News Radio/TV.wmv

The earth is of psychopaths destroyed - Wake News Radio/TV

Torture as an Instrument of governments - also in Germany ?

- shadow powers to control us -
Wake News Radio/TV.wmv


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