psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Appeal to the media

Appeal to the media


Saturday, the of 2nd of February 2008 by Svetlana Yasinover

As a specialist in the area of psychiatry I turn with this request to the media (newspaper, magazines, radio and television). I hope, that you can help with this problem, because only you can raise the world conciousness and the world community so as to stop those, who without thinking about our children and grandchildren, create and test weapons destroying man`s personality. It is inadmissible today, when humanity reached this technical progress,certain megalomaniac people play God with and above other people by controlling their consciousness, by physical penetration into their psyche, so as to turn them into indifferent and obedient robots and guinea pigs.

Please, don`t remain indifferent to my request and help to disseminate the knowledge about these atrocities to all people of the earth for protecting people from such programming by those, who abuse human,mental blindness. Neither a religion nor atheism are capable of protecting the soul and the life of man from these psycho-generators, which were created by Hitler and Stalin already during the years of the Second World War. Their further research and development is continued up to the present quite officially and at present continues officially research on human.

The actual use and the goal of these weapons is the subordination of man`s free will and the creation of obedient slaves. The newspaper “View” reported about today's experimental developments officially again in its current issues.

With kind regards Svetlana Yasinover

Reading of Thoughts

“With the aid of the scanner we succeeded in obtaining the information from the brain, which cannot be revealed from external manifestations”,like miming, gestures,muscular movements a.s.o.
Neurophysiologists opened the technology, which makes it possible to penetrate into the human consciousness. The carried out experiments, which made it possible to determine, what mathematical operation is accomplished in the brain of the subject.

Scientists assume that the developed technology opens wide prospects, but raise many problems of ethical nature,of which it is necessary to begin the discussion right now. The group of neurophysiologists developed the procedure, which makes it possible to penetrate into the consciousness of man and to learn his intentions. The invention eliminates the doubts about the possibility to investigate human brain and to read thoughts.

“The procedure made it possible to determine, if the subject adds or deducts the numbers, with a probability of 70%.” Using the most advanced scanning devices , the scientists recorded the bursts of activity in the brain, which lead to the appearance of thoughts. “With the aid of the scanner we succeeded in obtaining the information from the brain, which cannot be revealed from the external manifestations”. It is similar to the reading of inscriptions on a dark wall with the light of a small lamp”, said the professor of the institute of brain and consciousness of Max Planck Institute in Germany, John Dylan Kheyns in the interview to the Guardian.

In the course of the experiment it was proposed to the subject to add or to deduct two numbers, which appeared on the screen. Before they could see the numbers, the individuals were subjected to the effects of the scanning device. And then researchers used the computer`s program, which makes it possible to reveal the most insignificant fluctuations of cerebral activity. The procedure made it possible to determine, if the subject adda or deducts the numbers with a probability of 70%.

The experiment made it possible to assign the activity in the medial prefrontal zone of the cerebral cortex, of which the nature changed, when the subjects accomplished mathematical operations. Another study is based on the series of the performed experiments , which made it possible to reveal the intention of man to lie, to act brutally and cruelly, the and also to reveal racial prejudices. The discovery of the scientists raises some important ethical questions. If the procedure of reading thoughts will be improved, this will make it possible to simplify the procedure of the examination of criminals and terrorists or even will lead to the consequences, which were shown in the film by Steven Spielberg “Special Opinion”, where the judicial sentences will be carried out, before the crime has been committed.

The professor of the neurophysiology of Cambridge University Barbara Saakyan reported to the Guardian, that the rapid rates of the development of the procedure of reading thoughts impelled scientists to create association for considering the consequences of the discovery. “Do we want to live in a society, in which the people will be condemned for the crimes, which they did not commit or could not complete?"

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