psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Russian Federal Law

 Russian Federal Law on Electromagnetic Weapons

This is a Russian federal law, see isbn number below, and it establishes "the laws for the circulation of civilian and military weapons" including the "use of radio-active radiations and biological factors; -weapons and other objects, the affects of the operations of which are based on the use of electro- magnetic, light, thermal, infra-sonic or ultra-sonic radiations and which have [exiting ] parameters, exceeding the magnitude of established governmental standards of the Russian Federation and corresponding norms of Federal governmental organs in the area of the health department,"

Here is the whole law thanks to Emilia Cherkova and her human rights group in Russia. Translation by Ramon Ruelas.
Federal law "About Weapons" Cited in the edition of Federal Laws R.F. from 21.07.98 [1998] No. 117-F3, from 31.07.98 ['98] No. 156-F3, from 17.12.98 ['98] No. 187-F3, from 19.11.99 ['99] No. 194-F3 and from 10.04.2000 ['00] No. 52-F3, from 26.07.01 ['01] No. 103-F3 [Translator's note: this is the actual No., not 103-93] F32 Federal Law "About weapons". --4-e izd. --M.: "Os'-89", 2000. --page 32 (Actual law) ISBN 5-86894-393-7

Article 6. Essentially, establishing of the [laws for] the circulation of civilian and military weapons

Within the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited:
the circulation of weapons, in a civilian and military capacity, weapons: of fire-arms of long-barrels with a magazine capacity (rounds) of more than 10 cartridges, having a barrel length, or a barrel length with casing of less than 500 mm. and normal-length weapons less than 800 mm, and also those having a construction which allow for making their lengths less than 800 mm and with which is not lost the possibility of the execution of firing [the weapons];
of fire-arms weapon which has a shape in imitation of other objects; of smooth-bore fire-arms weapons prepared for cartridges from fire-arms weapons with sawed-off barrels; of bludgeons, knuckle-dusters, [*** ], boomerangs and other special adaptions for use in the capacity of weapons, objects [pellets/ammunition] and missile operation, with the exclusion of sporting [shells];
cartridges with armour-piercing bullets, [flares/incendiaries], explosives or tracer-bullets, and also cartridges with [pellets/small-shot] [shells/ammunition] for gas pistols and revolvers
weapons and other objects, the affects of the operation of which are based on the use of radio-active radiations and biological factors; weapons and other objects, the affects of the operations of which are based on the use of electro- magnetic, light, thermal, infra-sonic or ultra-sonic radiations and which have [exiting ] parameters, exceeding the magnitude of established governmental standards of the Russian Federation and corresponding norms of Federal governmental organs in the area of the health department, and also any of these indicated weapons and objects produced beyond the boundaries of the territory of the Russian Federation;"
gas weapons, ammunition, nerve-paralysing, poisonous, and also other material not distributed for use by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, gas weapons with the capabilities of causing severe damage to the health of any person who is located a distance greater than one meter;

weapons and cartridges for these, having technical characteristics not in correspondence with the criminal-law requirements of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, in agreement with the Governmental committee of the Russian Federation for the standardization, metrology and certification;

barrel-less fire-arms weapons for self-defense, electro-shock apparatus and spark [discharger] and which have [exiting ] parameters exceeding the magnitude of established governmental standards of the Russian Federation and corresponding to the norms of the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, and also any of these indicated types of weapons and objects produced beyond the boundaries of the territory of the Russian Federation;"

the keeping of or the use of in a non-sporting situations, of objects and sporting fire-arms weapons with sawed-off barrels, or of sporting pneumatic weapons with a muzzle energy greater than 7.5 [Ddj] and a calibre greater than 4.5 mm, and also of sporting [weapons with] [condensed] breech- mechanism and missile weapons, with the exclusion of the keeping of and use of bows and cross-bows for the conducting of scientific-research and prophylactic [preventive] work connected with the immobilization and injecting of subjects of the animal world;

the setting up of, by civilian and military, of weapons adapted for silent firing [aiming] (in firing facilities, ranges), and night vision sights, with the exclusion of sights for hunting, the periodic use of which are established by the Government of the Russian Federation, and also their sale;

sending [forwarding] of weapons [by post];

the carrying by a civilian of weapons when conducting meetings, street marches, demonstrations, picketing and other mass, public measures.

the carrying by a civilian, for the purpose of self-defense, of long-barrel fire-arms weapons and condensed [shortened or sawed-off] weapons with the exclusion of the cases of transporting or conveying the indicated weapons;

the sale, transfer, acquisition of weapons and cartridges [ammunition] for them, carried out only for exporting in correspondence with technical conditions of responding to the demands of a country-importer.

Translator's note: the [***] I could not find..

[Ddj] in 2) above --I think is joules (unit of work, energy), ---where our "J" is transliterated as "dj", so that [Jim = Djym]
Also: "[exiting] parameters" --I don't know what this refers to as I am not familiar with weapons, It may mean penetrating force through a specific material of a specific width., ..not sure..




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V.N. Lopatin's answers to Project Censored interview questions, click here
Description of fundamental publications of V.N. Lopatin about problems of research in the sphere of informational security. Click here for full translation.


Additional Russian translation from Mojimir

Those are the excerpts from the first chapter of the book of the Russian politician, V.N. Lopatin, head of the parliamentary commission on information, who, last year, presented to the Russian State Duma the draft of the law on informational and psychological security of Russia. The draft calculated with possible mind control attack at the population of Russia by the potential enemy. It is not yet clear whether the law has been discussed or voted on in the Russian State Duma. The co- author of the book is the scientist, V.D. Tsygankov, specialized in the construction of neurocomputers.
"Theoretical works appeared, confirming the reality of PSI-phenomena, the existence of so called torsion component in the right part of of the gravitational equation by A. Einstein (19), and the construction of technical models of the torsion fields radiation generators is reported in some works (20, 2). All such publications and communications talk about the possibility to use the presented PSI-phenomena with the intent to attack as well as with the intent of the perfection of the defense of the government and its means of armament. . The following PSI phenomena of human being and animals are the object of the study:

    x prediction of future 
    x secret reading of the present and past time
    x hypnotical effects and zombeing
    x search and finding of indicated lost objects
The basic problems of the construction and areas of the use of psychotronic weapon result from those:

construction and use of military PSI generators
collecting of intelligence (PSI-detectors)
construction and use of battlefield PSI generators
construction and use of TSULIPs - centers for control of people and  apparatus - basic system of communication:
networks of telephone, radio and television broadcasting; system of
torsion communication and radiation, i.e. networks of PSI effects
construction of bioautomats-robots
Building of models and analogs of PSI-abilities and phenomena - the task which is nowadays in the order of the day. PSI weapon this is the "ray weapon" (powerful generators, radiating pencils of rays, serving as a striking factor) and ENERGO-INFORMATIONAL CURRENTS OF RADIATION ORGANIZED IN A SPECIAL WAY (coherently), of known as well as unknown physical nature. To make the reader understand everything what will follow we will give some definitions and a short survey of the PSW problem. The first level - this is the psychological problem. I would call it a MACRO-problem. This is the problem of the control of the state of the consciousness of human being and society and, consequently, depending from the consciousness - of the   psychology of the behavior of human being as a person, group, socium. This is the problem of the use of internal biological mechanisms and laws controlling such or other psychological condition or behavior. With respect to numerous manifestations of anomalous, unusual (for the classical psychology) or parapsychological phenomena as is the case of clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, telekinesis, phenomenal memory and out of the ordinary calculating abilities (the experiments by Messing, Kuna, Gorin) and other mysterious qualities of the psyche, the new direction of scientific research and technical design (construction of technical means of registration, measurement and influencing of the brain) came into being called PARAPSYCHOLOGY...
The second level - MICRO-problem. The designation of this problem as a PSI problem is derived from the use of mathematical apparatus, methods and means of measurement of the QUANTUM MECHANICS
(QM) for the research on AP (anomalous phenomena) of the psyche. The fundamental wave equation of QM, the equation by Schrodinger, contains the mathematical symbol of the Greek letter PSI defining the wave function which describes the adulatory behavior of quantum mechanical object (ensemble). It is believed that the processes and the mechanisms of consciousness (thinking), the processes of sub consciousness (under the threshold processes), i.e. all psychic processes in the brain, are governed by quantum-mechanical laws. Aside from that a much more sophisticated scientific discipline came into being - scientific and technical PSI-quantum mechanical discipline of the research and control of the mechanisms and laws of thinking and psyche at the MICRO-level - the level of elementary particles and physical vacuum (19).
So the two apparently opposed worlds or levels, MACRO world and MICRO world, enter the worlds of thinking, consciousness and psyche.
The ways and methods of their research and the control of their intimate mechanisms merged into a single, more sophisticated problem,
the problem of identification and control of the condition of consciousness and psyche. .. . The theory of physical vacuum by G.I. Shipov (19) unites the general theory of relativity by A. Einstein and quantum mechanics by Heisenberg, Schrodinger, Dirac and offers to the designers and researchers the key to the construction of the power means which could act upon the topology and structure of the space-time. The possibility emerges to build unusually powerful and effective means of coherent radiation and destruction of targets and as well of high-maneuverable and economic flying apparatus (FA) and aero-cosmic complexes (of the type of flying saucers . (23), see appendix 1 as well). .. As a result of the solution of the PSI problem numerous means usable with mercenary objectives as means of violence, attack, subjugation and blackmail have been produced and their production continues intensively.

1.2 Psychotronic Weapon and Psychotronic War

Definition 1. Psychotronic weapon (PSW) - any means of intensive effect upon the brain of a single human being or mass of people, upon  the flora and fauna, upon plants, animals, upon the environment (liquid and gaseous)..with the objective of the disturbance of their normal condition and functioning
Definition 2. Psychotronic war - the mass use of PSW against the state or its part. .. We will begin by presenting one of the possible classification of PSW:

1. According to their use: strategic, tactical, individual (personal)
2. According to the strategy and tactics of the use: offensive, defensive
3. According to the scale of the destructive effect: mass destruction, highly targeted local effect
4. According to energetical factor:
   - subliminal, extrasensory, subliminal (unenergetical)
   - weak electromagnetic biofields and other radiations ...
   - super strong coherent power-energy fields and radiations,
     producing catastrophic perturbations of ecological scale
   - topological means, deforming structure of the space-time
5. According to the target in the living object:
   - sensory, extrasensory influences at the system of perception
   - psycho kinesthetically
   - motor influences at motions and displacement (output)
   - extrasensory effects at the processes of decision making

6. According to the duration of the effect:
   - short time, reversible
   - longtime effects
   - irreversible, pathological effects, defeating the psyche
7. According to the outcome of the effect
   - non lethal
   - lethal (with lethal outcome)
8. According to the controllability
   - controllable by an inductor or generator with the use of commands
   - uncontrollable, of a single effect

9. According to the distance of the effect
   - local, near effect (radius up to 1 km)
   - medium distance (until 10.000 km)
   - super distance, global, all-earth scale
10. According to the speed of propagation
   - slow, low speed (of the type of epidemics, panics) fast of the speed of electromagnetic,  immediate effects

The Research Abroad Government structures, organizations and companies preoccupied with the PSI problem in the USA (28):

   x The Department of Defense of the USA
   x Office of Intelligence at the Department of Defense of the USA
   x DARPA agency at the Department of Defense of the USA
   x Airforce, Navy and land forces of the army of the USA
   x The Center of Military Research (Redstone)
   x Research and Science Institute of behavioral and social
      sciences of land forces of the USA
   x American Association for the Development of Science
   x The company RAND
   x The company Westinghouse
   x The company General Electric
   x The company Bell Telephone Company
   x Stanford Science Research Institute and many tens of other

The following countries carry out research in this area: USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, China, Vietnam, Israel, Italy,Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine (more than 30 countries in the world). Five basic directions of military research in the area of bioenergoinformatics and PSI phenomena can be defined:
1) Works on methods of premeditated influence at psychical activity of human being (29)
2) Fundamental theoretical and experimental research studying the clairvoyance and telekinesis in military applications (gathering of intelligence and sabotage activity) (29)
3) Study of the influence of bioradiation on military and commercial control and communication systems, on military electronic apparatus, work on bioenergetic generators capable to influence the staff of armies. (30)
4) Work on systems capable to detect and control (systems of monitoring) artificial and factual dangerous bioradiations and methods of active and passive defense against them. (103,104).
Work on measuring devices and metrological services and methods of evaluation of such phenomena and effects. Modeling of PSI effects and
biocommunication. (28) Construction, on the line of aerospace agencies and NASA in the USA, of power systems festinated for military defense of the type of newer effective lethal apparatus (LA), making use of the possibility of the transformation of topology of the space-time and the control of gravitation. (23)
Aside of that the evaluations of the strategic potential of the probable enemy possessing the PSW are taking place. The higher affectivity of the PSW, in comparison with the thermonuclear weapon has been proved already. The evaluation of the probability of the "psychic invasion" from the part of states - potential enemies is taking place. ... Let us talk, a look at a small part of the numerous works carried out abroad in the area of psychotronics: ... x Expansion of the bulk of the works in the area of parapsychology and bioenergetics in the USA.
Today more than 150 organizations work on this subject. After the successful experiments with deciphering of photographs by extrasensory (28), the U.S. Congress evaluated them as serious for the
security of the country and the research was placed under the National Information Security law. The military experts analyzing the potential of the research in parapsychology in the USA admitted still in the 80's, that the PSI phenomenon - this is a reality and it can be used for the construction of principally new methods of warfare, not inferior to thermonuclear warfare, i.e. for the development of strategic forms of armament. In the USA the devices and methods were created capable to introduce into the sub consciousness of a man the information needed to make the man execute the orders which were introduced there. Those are new man-and-computer complexes and their objective is the control of the intellect. The concentration of great doses of psychic energy of the determined spectrum acts destructively on the brain. (28)

Construction of special biofield generators, headed by professor V. Peschke and research of their influence at the change of character of the personality of a human being (Stuttgart, Germany) x The use of quantum mechanics laws for the explanation of the experimental work in psychotronics (dr. Puharich, collaborator of NASA) x Research on bioenergetics and telepathical transmission of information, with the budget of 6 million dollars (Pentagon, D.o.D., USA). The work was placed under the National Security Information law. ... On the Works in Russia and the   Union of Independent States .. Targets for the PSW means To understand more profoundly the PSW problem we will selectFOUR essential "TARGETS" - the locations or areas of application and influence of PSW means:

1. GENETICAL APPARATUS of cells (chromosomes, mitochondria, molecules of DNA and RNA)
2. LIQUID CRYSTAL MEDIUM of the cell, intercellular liquids, liquids of organism surrounding environment (aqueducts, liquid food products)
3. BRAIN (centers regulating the state of consciousness and functions
of "subconscious") and by its mediation other organs, cells and  functions
4. Biological and psychical fields surrounding living organisms and plants Every "target" has got its specific effectible parts with their qualitative and quantitative indices and markings on the part of the means of PSW and as well there is general, universal (unspecific) location of influence of the PSW for any type of "target".

If I find a publisher for the translation of the whole book, I will translate it and send it to whomever of you who asks for it for free.

Mojmir Babacek

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