psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe

Torture and murder in the Federal Republic of Germany

Preamble: The second world war

How could it have gone so far? The NSDAP gained power by promotion of great financial capital under the exploitation of a population entirely dependent on authority.

Even the political parties at that time, permitted their power to be taken away from them without protest. It was the Germans though, who gased the Jews and doctors like Mengele who attempted to carry out experimentations on human beings in this dimension. It has gone so far, in fact, that we have almost reached the end of the humanity. Why was there no opposition to the NSDAP?

Dear citizens,


today, innocent citizens of our so-called "democracy" have and are being tortured in their homes, through walls and windows for over 20 years. They are being ill-treated physically and psychically in an abusive manner, by the use of microwave devices. These weapons are of a type which irradiate, torment and kill. Although these weapons have been developed, they are none existent under law in the Federal Republic of Germany. Psychophysical weapons have an effect on the physical constitution and psyche of a person. Thoughts, feelings and behaviour can be altered directly, causing damage to the cells of the body, the nervous system and can even lead to cardiac arrest. These weapons are used secretly and from a distance, permitting cowardly perverts of the military and secret services to torture and to even murder innocent people. The beasts know exactly, that the existence and use of these weapons cannot be proved, because of the absence of a law which would bring them to justice and put them behind bars. Hence, they can merrily carry on their torture ignoring all existing human rights. Though Russia and Michigan / USA have already extended their weapon laws, they obviously do not adhere to them. 

Remember, any person, could be subjected to being a victim! We are asking the people of this country to support us in our work in order to put pressure on the politicians responsible.

"We must watch out for those who promise us security but require us to compensate it with our freedom. We must recognise that a part of the price for freedom is also insecurity but the price of complete security is cruelty / slavery."

Martin Luther King


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